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    Interesting US Open

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Well, we are getting down to the final day, and Olympic Club's Lake Course, is playing hard. Who needs the leaders to be - 40, at the end of Saturday?


      Some old names, but some new names too.


      Should be a good Sunday.



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          yeah, pretty incredible tournament so far...

          I have a feeling the 1st 6 holes will decide who really pulls ahead or not tomorrow..  but who knows...that course is tough, even when they get on the green...they seem to be real fast one day and kinda slow another..

          Then theres the wind factor...who knows what it will do tomorrow...


          Will certainly be fun to watch...


          That 17 year old is doing pretty amazing !

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            U.S.Open?  What are you talking about.  We just finished the French Open, Wimbledon is next.  The U.S Open doesn't happen till late August.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Yes, Olympic Club Lake looks to be a real "bear." I have never gotten onto that track, so cannot comment directly, but hope to play it in a tournament later in the year. Of course it will not be set up to USGA standards (or at least I hope not), so it will be only somewhat similar. We have played Kapalua Plantation, during the year, and then just before the PGA tournament there. It is a totally different course, and we are NOT talking USGA US Open stuff - just rolling the greens a lot, and letting the rough grow to about 2". Same with the Palmer Course on the North Shore of O`ahu. Tournament conditions are much different than daily, tourist conditions. Personally, I like the latter better, as I always manage to hit into areas (no giant frogs yet!), where no golf ball was intended to be played from. I do not need 2" of lush lettuce just a step off the fairways.


              Some years back, Tiger Woods issued a statment that no 10 hcp. player could break 100 on a USGA US Open course. I believe that with all my heart. They really do a major setup.


              Most of the courses are fair, though very tough. I can only recall one (maybe 10 -12 years ago), where the greens were too hard. Players could not hold them, even if they hit a flop with lob wedge, that fell straight out of the sky - the ball was just going to roll completely off. Cannot recall the course now. The USGA finally held up play (on Sat., IIRC), and watered the greens. Half of the field had already played most of the course, and many were really, really miffed. That whole thing was just a misake.


              We do no need a course that has been "tricked up," but just where the rough and the bunkers are penal, and he greens take skill, patience and maybe a bit of luck. I mean how tough would it be, if the USGA put giant frogs, a windmill, a couple of dinosaurs and then a volcano, right in the middle of the holes? No "Goofy Golf," but a tough, fair course is a delight.


              I like to see tournaments, where the "best in the world" are shooting near par. Seeing someone cruise to a -40 score is not all that interesting, at least not to me. That someone is leading on Sunday AM at Even, is a delight.


              You are also correct - Beau is really holding in there, and showing the world some great golf. Hope that he can keep it together all day. It would also be kicks if he won, but then we'd have four hours of Johnny Miller rambling on, with references to Francis Ouimet. Matter of fact, I would be happy to have anything happen, to keep Miller quiet - the quieter, the better.


              OK, got to get ready for the US Open - ribs and brats on the grill and plenty of beer and wine!



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Yes, there IS that one too!



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                  Just posted a reply, but got a message that it will have to be approved by a MOD, before it can be posted. H-m-m, I did not think that I had used any banned words, but must have typed something, that triggered the spam filters, or similar. We'll see how long it takes the MOD staff to let it go through. Gotta' watch what I type! Maybe someone, somewhere really, really likes Johnny Miller? [Must be one of those San Francisco Adobe employees...



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                    KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I didn't see anything egregious

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Thanks Jerry.K,


                      I could not imagine what would have been in there, that triggered, but had to be some word, with perhaps multiple meanings, or uses?


                      We'll see. When it goes up, I will pour over it, to see if I can find the problem.




                      PS - my T key broke this AM, so if some words seem to be missing a T in there somewhere, you now know why. New keyboard in my future!

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                        KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        It should be up now


                        BTW I sent you a PM

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Got it.


                          Upon reflection, I think that it was the "giant frogs..."


                          Hunt, still fighting a broken T!

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Webb Simpson?


                            Wow, I thought that it would be Furyk and McDowell, down to the wire.Look how little I know.


                            Congratulations Webb Simpson!



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                              yeah, whats with those commentator guys...sometimes they yap so much about dumb stuff I'm looking at someone T off and have no clue what hole they're at or what the leaderboard stats are and so on...

                              Like, " shut up and talk about whats going on NOW will ya ?? "


                              And then they start editing the live cameras so much you dont see Tiger for like 8 holes of play....to see how he's doing cause he's out of the top 6 ...


                              Oh well, it was fun to watch... pretty amazing players.  Now that I recently got into "playing" again ( even though I am still on the beginner course with the giant frog and windmills ) I am enjoying watching the various swings and basic body motion of people playing irons and drivers and so on....


                              Plus there is the added attraction of the " total blunder " that cracks me up ...like someone shooting from one sand trap , across the green, into ANOTHER sand trap !   That gets me rolling on the floor !



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                                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                the giant frog and windmills

                                And you get so many more holes in one that way!

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                                  hehe...Stan...but when I show my scorecard to people later on they always ask, " What are all these cartoons of snoopy and underdog doing on your scorecard ?? "



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Yeah, those cartoons can be a bit of a give away.


                                    Going way, way back, we had a large Putt-Putt course on the Gulf Coast. I spent a lot of time there, and played many 100's of rounds. One year, I shot two 20's, that were recorded. I was invited to New Orleans to play in the regional Putt-Putt tournament. My father was quick to bring me down, by stating that Putt-Putt was not "real golf." I won my division of that Regional tournament, and went to the National, where I lost in the third round - yes, it was not "real golf," but fun, and taught me trigonometry and putting. No giant frogs, no windmills, and with plenty of "bank shots," but still fun. Somewhere, there is a national 3rd place trophy, gathering mildew and dust.


                                    You know, just play the Goofy Golf courses, but watch the hole, where you putt into the dinosaur's mouth, and the ball comes out a "nether region," and maybe into the cup. You get to "lift and clean" on THAT hole.



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                                      hehe... yeah, this FROG has an opening in front and comes out rear....and I was suspicious about giving my ball to the frog...so I chipped over his head..




                                      good going, Bill, on your trophy !  No wonder you putt well on the real course now !



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                                        Well, I just played my first 18 hole long course today ( it's near my new apt. and owned by the same family that has the short par 3 -  9 hole course ).

                                        It was a real eye opener for me.  For one thing there are a lot of hills...and I was pulling a little 2 wheel 'cart' with clubs on it. After a while I was singing, " The Bear Went Over The Mountain " after every T shot...

                                        Also, since my slices and hooks were all over the course...I yelled FORE a lot....and people on both sides of me ( within 250 yards ) would cringe and duck behind their electric golf carts !  Then I would yell " ALL CLEAR " when my ball came to rest...because it became apparent nobody could tell what was going on and fear was ramped up on the country course in general ....I think they are planning on making me take an air horn with me when I go out again...so I can give it a good blast just before I Tee off...


                                        Now I'm trying to figure out what happened, and how to correct stuff.  Kinda like after a big battle the general sits down and tries to figure out what happened....especially when it is obvious that " things cannot continue like this " is the prevailing thought of the day...