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    Flash player 11.3.300.257 plays video too fast




      I have just updated to the lastest version of flashplayer 11.3.300.257.  Now, all vidoes in youtube and bbc iplayer etc that use flashplayer run very fast and without sound (just like fast forwarding x4).

      I am on Windows Vista Business Edition (all updates included)

      Browser is IE9.

      I have tried a clean reinstall of flash player a number of times but same issue.

      I have cleared caches and deleted all history etc via the advanced section of the software.

      I have also removed the hardware acceleration.  Nothing has helped.

      However, if i run in "safe mode" it seems to run at the correct speed.  I have uninstalled all recent software updates (such as skype) but still the issue remains.  Is it likely to be a conflict issue?

      I have tried to install a previous version of flashplayer from the archives page but get an error message 1722.

      Can anyone help?