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    Is there any way to convert psd files to psdx?


      hi.. is there any way to convert psd files to psdx? i wanna open my psd files on my desktop with ipad and work on it
      i know there is such limitations for psdx files , but it should be a way to convert psd to psdx

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          Sharon Huang Level 3


          You do not need to convert psd to psdx to open in Photoshop Touch. First upload your psd file on your desktop to the creative cloud. Then on your Photoshop Touch, click "New From" > Creative cloud. From there you can open up psd files on your tablet directly. However, the layers in your original psd files will be flattened.


          For more information, please see the below link:



          Hope this helps!


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            zorrillamonsoon Level 1

            I see this post is from 2012. Is there still no way to convert PSDs to psdx or open psds in photoshop touch without it Flattening thr layers? Its pretty crazy if so!

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              Warunicorn Most Valuable Participant

              No, there isn't. There's probably a good reason why: Photoshop files themselves support thousands of layers whereas PS Touch files support about twelve max. PSD files being flattened when imported into PS Touch is probably a defensive mechanism so it doesn't bring the app and your device to its knees.  xD

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                zorrillamonsoon Level 1

                As someone that's been using for photoshop for a long time and very technologically inclined I assumed that. I as a a pro user would still like the option. For example, in my scenario I only have a few layers and with no effects. Just as Photoshop touch tells me when I make too many layers, I am sure Adobe can also build a psd scanning feature that tells me all effects will be ignored, there are too many layers in the psd I intend to import/open and ask me to optomize my file accordingly. The technology is here and capable and I hope Adobe makes the update soon. My Samsung Note Pro 12.2 is more than capable to handle a low level PSD file. This issue seems to have existed for years though and there is no REASON a solution hasn't been presented. Not to mention the line quality is so poor in comparison to that of sketchbook pro's. The reason I don't completely switch over is because the photoshop touch app is so packed with awesome features that even sketchbook pro in its separate niche should be influenced by-and vice versa via some of Autodesks awesome usability as well. And why isnt Adobe ideas still available for android. Man sorry I really had to rant there hahaha

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                  Warunicorn Most Valuable Participant

                  One has to remember: PS Touch, like any mobile (or even desktop) app, has to be designed with the (reasonably) lowest specs of hardware in mind. That being said, tablets have yet to catch up to their desktop counterparts. They're definitely getting there; it's just going to take a little while. PS Touch has evolved some since version 1.0. (You couldn't import 12 Megapixel images, for example. That came later.)


                  PS Touch is first and foremost an image editing app. SketchBook Pro is a sketching/drawing app. Both are designed to do what they do quite well. Ideas was a vector illustration app, unlike the others. Not sure why they ended it on Android. (They ended Kuler too but showed back up later on iOS as a free app.) Might not have been as much interest, I gather.


                  Also, John Nack left Adobe to join Google not too long ago. He was one of the principal forces behind PS and PS Touch (and the other mobile apps). Obviously, the sky hasn't fallen over at Adobe but those are some big shoes to fill nonetheless.

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                    zorrillamonsoon Level 1

                    Regarding PSDs not being read by PS Touch it sounds more like excuses not solutions you know? That is still not an acceptable reason as it doesn't address against or negate the possibility of what I discussed. Surely any phone or tablet app can be made to measure ram availabilty against layer quantity/intensity and file data size before it opens a file in order to sustain performance--surely there may be other things that can be done as well atop this. Who with a low-end tablet is paying for this app anyway? Is Photoshop CC designed for low end users too?  An idea that can clearly work with today's technology I am sure they can build in a scanning feature scanning a PSD for first of all megabyte size, layer quantity, and so on.



                    And yes an image editing app that has pour painting quality, what image editor doesn't use painting tools or tools that require fine polished strokes and brushing? Sketch book pro was just a means to illustrate the obvious capability of quality line on a phone or tablet. Like pick it up Adobe. Importing 12mp images I can applaud but that's not saying I can't put a 5 mb psd with a few layers or 10 into photoshop touch.



                    I am without doubt adobe is more than capable to upkeep with the changing environment. But no matter what a products intentions are I am sure Adobe is realizing photoshop is by farthe most widely used application in the creative industry so the mobile apps should reflect the ever growing needs in response to the awesome apps they develop. There can be excuses of why this issue hasn't been figured out but no real authentic sounding  reason. They can either lead the mobile landscape for creatives correctly or slowly progress and get tied up by autodesk and other developing counterparts as they add more features worrying less about tightening their integration, staying within the comfortable space that they love to dwell in a la all the inconsistency within their current apps' user interfaces. But at the end of the day I am hoping all this changes rapidly with the latest hire of that cool dude from behance. I look upto and admire adobe but damn some things are just so overlooked and its about time that after twenty years in the game that obvious things like this issue that is so countlessly posted about should be addressed with urgency!


                    Adobe teams need to find solutions not excuses. I keep feeling like they just don't think enough about user experience, but instead pack in features-- thanks for your input though