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    Audio Issue in Win 7


      I have been using FMLE 3.2 in XP with no issues for a few years now.  Just bought two new machines running Win 7 and there is an audio issue I can't seem to get around.


      In XP I have the audio set to mono since the two channels of audio coming in via embedded SDI are discreet.  The mono setting takes the two discreet channels and mixes them so that the end user isn't hearing one thing in one speaker and another thing in the other speaker.


      When I choose the mono setting in Win 7 the aduio is panned hard left so the end user only hears the left channel.



      The option to slide it to the middle is greyed out so I have no way of adjuting the pan.  I called tech support of the company who makes the capture card and they told me that Vista and 7 handle audio differently then XP did.  Capture card is a Viewcast Osprey 700eHD.


      For reference here is a grab of the setting in XP (from Adobe FMLE 3.2)


      Here the audio is in the middle and I can slide it left or right if I want to.


      I have even tried changing the pan settings in the OS but nothing works.  Is this an issue with Adobe or with Win 7?


      Thanks for the help.

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          Ah, this is frustrating! I just noticed it does the same thing for me. Any fixes?

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            blast3001 Level 1

            You are the first person to reply to me ever and my post has been up for nearly 6 months.  I have tried asking Adobe for help but they have no clue what I am talking about and I have even tried asking Viewcast for help.  Viewcast says that Microsoft changed something when they went to Vista which is causing this issue.


            I want to use Win 7 to take advantage of more than 4GB of ram but it has a serious flaw with the audio.  I haven't checked to see if there are any new drivers for the Osprety card that could possibly fix this however.


            I am currently correcting this by using a converter before the encoder to mono the two channels together and I just leave Adobe in stereo.  I just happen to have gear laying around to do this but something like what I am using is really expensive.


            Sorry I can't be more help but I myself am stuck.

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              dizziness1138 Level 1

              It looks like the best bet is to use: Virtual Audio Cable (VAC).