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    InDesign CS3 crashes when importing multiple files.

    Wide Open Mike

      I've got a new box that's been running pretty solid for several weeks now. It's Win 7 with 8 gigs. Just last night it starts crashing when I'm importing multiple files. Doesn't matter if it's JPGs, TIFFs, or PDFs.


      I can import all the same files one by one using the place command.


      Importing multiples using the place command or dragging & dropping crashes.


      It's not a case of placing a PDF using the bleed box and no bleed box is set. And that usually doesn't crash InDesign, just fails to import.


      I deleted the preferences file to no avail.


      CS 5.5 has no problems. No, I can't just use 5.5. I'm the only person with it and really only use it for converting files for customers that don't have the common sense to send a PDF. Other people in the shop have to be able to open these same files.


      Any ideas? This is already a pain since one of my main jobs is ganging business cards 72 up on a sheet.