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    apps worked as trials, now nothing is stable since converting to subscription, and previous download


      apps worked as trials, now nothing is stable since converting to subscription, as Adobe instructed me to, since they could not fulfill my order in a timely fashion! and previous downloads now failed to work and new downloads fail to download.


      I can only use less than 50% of the software I subscribed to, yet my trial apps worked on my two machines.


      Muse has never worked, it was offered to me as a free service, but I have never gotten it to work, typekit just hung for 3 hours the last time I attempted to use it. Illustrator crashes cotinually, causing me problems with the files I created in my trial version that adobe told me to use. I can't tell if I am being charged for Muse since I tried to open it and it never opened.


      I am using Photoshop with 5.5 gigs of ram assigned, and AE opens and works. I have a Mac Pro with 13 GB ram and 5 TB drive space.


      If photoshop and AE are able to run, I do not understand why the problems are continuing. I have ditched the illustrator preferences and restarted several times to no avail. This must be an issue with adobe's subscriptions.


      The biggst problem is illustratorCS6. It will not stay open, and it will not allow me to download a fresh copy.


      I need these programs to work. Come on, Adobe, deliver what you promised!



      I work with two educational programs and I try things out to see if we can use them. We can't buy subscriptions for the kids if it is going to fail continually. Also, the updates that forcibly download and then refuse to be available! If a download will not be availbale to me, don't waste my drive space to put it there! And, download on startup or shutdown, stop interfering with my ability ( or lack thereof) to be able to do work.

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          I would like to help resolve your problems but need to understand a few more details:

          1. I am not sure what you mean my "they could not fulfill my order in a timely fashion" since you have already subscribed. Do you mean wanting a team/group subscription and that not yet being available?
          2. Are you seeing any type of error dialog when Muse fails to open? Please clarify and perhaps take a screen shot of what you are seing.
          3. Where are you in the Typekit service when it is hanging? Again a screen shot and more detail would be helpful.
          4. To uninstall Illustrator go to Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers. There will be a link for "Uninstall Adobe Illustrator CS6".
          5. Have you installed any previous versions of Adobe software on your Mac Pro computer such as Illustrator CS5 for example?
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            kay50000 Level 1

            Dear Ken:


            When adobe opened subscriptions, I signed up on the first day. After 7-10

            days, I got a message telling me to download trial versions, since they

            were having trouble keeping up with demand. I spent about 5 days

            downloading after that. I signed into cloud and activated my subscription,

            but it has not always stayed activated. I don't have an uninstaller for

            Illustrator, only for the Maser Collection. I spent a week downloading and

            getting what I have now to work, so I'm not enthusiastic about uninstalling

            the master collection. Plus, I have files I am working on in the new



            My mac pro has 2 1TB and 2 1.5 TB drives with various working environments

            including 10.6.7, 10.6.8, 10.5.8, and 10.7.2 and windows XP. For me, 10.6.8

            is the most stable and allows me to use most of my software, but I do work

            on projects for many, many clients who need their projects worked on using

            legacy software, so I have previous versions of the creative and production

            suite installed on different volumes. I own 5 serial number "chains" built

            from 2 unique copies of photoshop, 1 unique copy of creative suite mac, and

            1 unique copy of creative and an upgrade production suite for windows. By

            unique copies I mean a product that began an upgrade path.


            My experience with adobe started when I tried to buy an acrobat session

            online to create a web-press-ready pdf for a client back in the early

            1990's. The pdf failed and when I tried to recover my payment, several of

            my ATM serial numbers were deactivated. That was when I first encountered

            the ladies in the call center in the phillipines.


            Years later, I moved one of my windows machines in my studio a couple of

            years back and it changed its ip address. After Effects quit working. I

            spent a month and a half vigorously trying to resolve the problems with

            Adobe's call and technical centers in the Phillipines, India, and the

            mormons. After each session the problems remained unsolved and the tech

            support and customer support personnel claimed they had resolved all my

            problems, even when they frankly admitted to me that they had not. The

            final coup de gras came from the ladies in the Phillipines who cancelled my

            serial numbers and told me they gave me a new serial ( which never worked

            and never activated) and told me I had to upgrade. My particular machine

            environment and the clients I serve do not use the upgraded version they

            insisted I had to use. I was never even clear what version they gave me a

            serial for! And they yelled at me and were not forthcoming. I simply could

            not afford any more hours on the phone with Adobe and I had to sacrifice

            working for a client who paid well and needed work completed in that

            particular version of windowsCS.


            Muse sort of open but remains greyed out. I don't want to sign up for

            anything on Muse that will result in a credit card charge. I downloaded it

            when Adobe  said it was free service for subscribers. I tried to use type

            kit and it just can't resolve when I try to choose any type.  After three

            hours of waiting, closing opening again, I decided that it wasn't worth the

            effort unless I discovered a better routine. My broadband is a 14.4 mbps

            download, which is fairly robust. I do check it and when typekit was not

            working, the broadband speed was good.


            I expected to use the digital publishing suite and lightroom. That they are

            not available and now that Muse is a fee-only service, I am leery of

            believing Adobe's claims.  Also, I have not been able to make a second

            download activate for my macbook pro. It takes much longer to download on

            that machine, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times now. In

            fact, most of what I've really done for these last two months of

            subscription I paid for is download over and over again. That was why I

            asked for a dvd of media, since I know users on the forums are getting



            have I explained a little better?

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              kay50000 Level 1

              I should have further explained that I have non-working versions of the

              creative suite and production suite on my xp machine and on a virtual pc.

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                Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the additional information. I see that you have four operating systems you run on your Mac Pro. You have activated the Creative Cloud subscription on Mac OS X 10.6.8. Some more questions:

                1. Are you using the second activation on just one of the other operating systems, or are you deactivating and activating as needed?
                2. What other Adobe software is installed on the Mac OS X 10.6.8 partition?
                3. Is it possible to create a clean partition and just install the Creative Cloud on it?


                I do not know about the process of getting a disk to install the software from. I will find out about that option and how it works.

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                  kay50000 Level 1

                  Dear Ken:


                  I am trying to use my second activation on my macbookpro which is also on

                  sys 10.6.8, but it has not allowed me to download all the apps, and it has

                  not activated.


                  I downloaded a trial version of design and production CS6 to use on the

                  macbook until I can use my second install on the macbook.


                  I do not have the second install of the CS6 subscription attempted on any

                  other volume on the mac pro tower, but I do have previous versions of

                  creative suite installed on separate volumes to use when I need to work in

                  that version. Only one Operating System is the startup disc/volume at a

                  time, so no adobe versions are running simultaneously. After I could not

                  get illustrator and some of the other CS6 applications to launch and/or

                  work, I did put a trial of CS5 on the same volume so that I could continue

                  to work in illustrator. The partition was clean and CS6 subscription was

                  the only Adobe product on it, but I did and do have other software on the

                  partition, I have to do regular work. I had success activating some of the

                  products in the suite on one day, and then not on another, and then some

                  activated again. I have been charged two times now for my monthly



                  At one point as an experiment, I tried to download and install on my

                  windows XP machine, but not all products downloaded and they never

                  installed at all, they just quit.


                  I would love to activate and deactivate when needed, but I have not dared

                  to even attempt that, I am just trying to get the full collection to

                  activate on my mac pro and then on my macbook pro. This is why I am so

                  interested in the media discs. I read on the forums that some people paid a

                  fee to get the software on media so that they could install without the

                  long download time with its potential errors.


                  Creating another clean partition and starting the whole installation

                  program over again was what I was going to do, but I was hoping for that

                  disc to save time and potential errors from the download and install

                  process. I've rebuilt the volume two times now and it took several days to

                  get the Adobe software onto it. And, I need to do actual work and all I

                  seem to be doing now with the subscription is trying to make the software



                  Can you tell me whether I got charged for using Muse when I tried to open

                  it? When Muse is greyed out after I open it, is it because I have not paid

                  separately for its use?


                  Can you tell me when I can use the digital publishing suite and Lightroom?


                  I don't think I downloaded any touch apps successfully, but if I did, am I

                  about to be charged for them? As I mentioned, I don't want any additional

                  charges and I have have read that some of the apps that were advertised as

                  free apps, are really going to incur a charge. Because Adobe took a credit

                  card number for a periodic charge, I am very worried that I am going to be

                  charged for something I was told was free.


                  I've read people saying good things about typekit and bad things, much like

                  the spinning beach ball of death type hangs that I experienced. There are

                  so many problems getting the basic software to activate that using a type

                  applet that only allows use of type on websites, and never worked for me in

                  a timely manner,  is lower on my list.

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                    David__B Adobe Employee

                    Hi Kathleen,


                    Sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating history of getting products working correctly.  There really is not significant differences between the products running in a trial state versus being licensed under the Creative Cloud Membership. Because you are experiencing so many different issues I think it might make sense to try to focus on them one at a time. It sounded like the Illustrator issue was the most critical one at the moment so lets start with that one.


                    A couple more clarification questions:

                    - Is the Illustrator CS6 installation that is not working the one which was installed via the Master Collection CS6 trial?

                    - Is the Illustrator CS6 having the difficulty running under 10.6.8?

                    - Did you get an errors when installing the Master Collection CS6 trial?

                    - Do you get any error messages when Illustrator CS6 stops working?

                    - I know you've had difficulties getting issued resolved with support in the past but have you tried working with them on this issue already?

                    - Do you use CS5 products on the same OS as the Illustrator CS6 giving you difficulties?

                    - What troubleshooting steps have you already tried for the Illustrator CS6 issue?


                    Please follow up when you get the chance and we'll continue to work with you on it.



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                      kay50000 Level 1

                      Dear Dave:


                      yes, I reported the problems to adobe support back in May. I got one canned

                      response telling me to reinstall, which I have done, several times now.

                      They never responded after the first time.


                      The illustrator CS6 product within the CS6 master Collection trial and now

                      subscription worked when it was a trial and not as subscription on both my

                      macpro and within the creative and production suite on my macbook pro.  I

                      am not using any of my windows products or serials as upgrade paths for

                      this subscription, I am only using one of my three macintosh serial upgrade

                      paths for these 2 installs. I am running 10.6.8  on both and I do not want

                      to use lion because I did not like the way it worked when I tried it out.


                      I ditched illustrator prefs and restarted numerous times. I don't get an

                      error message or any message when illustrator quits.


                      I did not get errors when installing or downloading the CSMaster Collection

                      the last time I downloaded. I am using that download, to the best of my



                      Because I am running out of time to repeatedly move my documents to other

                      drives and totally reformat a clean drive, I finally put a trial of CS5 on

                      my same partition so that I could continue to work on some files. Photoshop

                      and After Effects open and work on my machine so I don't think the

                      illustrator problem is hardware related, especially since it did function

                      in the very same partition before as a trial. That is why I am so

                      dissappointed in the adobe subscription process, because it seems to me

                      that these problems are caused by the subscription activation, and

                      illustrator is chosen as the key activator, much like after effects being

                      the key activator in production suite.


                      Also, I am being prevented from downloading any more than 12 applications

                      on my macbook pro, and sometimes i have to activate a trial version when I

                      try to use them.


                      Additionally, I tried to save a few files onto the cloud storage and found

                      myself locked into an upload that lasted for 5 hours and only resulted in 6

                      small files, about 20 mb total. Many of the files I tried to upload were

                      ignored. I don't seem to be able to move or work iwith those cloud files

                      once I finally got them there. I can't use this as  a way to do actual work.


                      I have about the most robust cable connection in the New York Metro area,

                      about 14.4 down. I am not on a dedicated line  in an office.  Each time I

                      try to download the applications, IF I am allowed to do so, it takes a

                      couple of days. I ahv tried downloading individual applications but I don't

                      seem to be allowed to do that, either.


                      Any help other than- reformat your drive to zero, install system and and

                      start over from the beginning by downloading the master suite again- would

                      be much appreciated.

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                        David__B Adobe Employee

                        Thanks for the additional details Kay.


                        Other than reinstalling and recreating the Illustrator preferences it would definitely be worth testing to see if the same behavior occurs when working in a new user account. As well as testing in Safe Boot, hold down the Shift key and boot the Mac.




                        • Does this behavior with Illustrator seems to happen in relation to any particular process or after a certain amount of time?How many times does it happen per day or per hour?
                        • Is the issue happening on one Mac but not another in the same environment?
                        • Are the Macs on a network, are the files you work with stored on the computer or some kind of network share?
                        • Do you use TimeMachine on the mac having the difficulties with?


                        It definitely seems odd that you would have so many issues related to Internet connectivity. I have a similar speed connection myself and am able to download and install without issue (also a mac running 10.6.8)


                        What up and download speeds do you get here? I saw you said you have 14.4 down



                        Maybe post the link of your results


                        There is a known issue with products needing to be re-licensed when using both CS5 and CS6 products


                        Creative Cloud products revert to trial mode with incorrect number of days remaining| CCM, CS6



                        Follow-up when you have the chance,



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                          kay50000 Level 1

                          Dear Dave,


                          I only put the cs5 applications back on when the cs6 illustrator refused to

                          work. CS6 illustrator became a problem before any cs5 applications were



                          It crashes as many times as I try to launch it. I can't use it, but I do

                          see the startup screen sometimes before it quits.it will quit just as fast

                          as I can continue to launch it. It doesn't happen in relation to another

                          activity, because it just won't stay open.


                          Right now I got a speed reading of 10.6 down and 2.6 up.


                          I don't use time machine because I shoot video and fill up my discs and

                          reformat frequently, and using time machine just adds another block of

                          space I have to be concerned about. I don't want to trust anything

                          automated. I copy my work to two places and a dvd with regularity. My

                          macbook pro had cs6 illustrator running fine previously, but now after

                          multiple reinstalls, it will not reinstall at all and I am using a cs5

                          illustrator, just like I am on my macpro. They are on the same network

                          right now, but I take the macbookpro out on jobs and have had a hard time

                          activating anything there, as well. The cs6 illustrator on my macpro does

                          sort of launch, briefly, and then quits with no error message. I get the

                          adobe report message saying adobe has no suggestions for making

                          illustrator work. There are no error messages.


                          I used to make collected folders for illustrator documents, like an

                          indesign package. I will do that again if I get illustrator stable and

                          working. I am not using documents across the network, but moving folders of

                          ingredients to whatever machine I am working on.


                          You know, I don't know why illustrator doesn't "package" like indesign

                          does. Or maybe it does, now, and I just don't know because I can't get it

                          to work. In my 22 years of using illustrator, photoshop, quark, indesign,

                          etcetera, I believe storing packages or collected folders is well worth any

                          concern about the space they take up. The time it takes to restore items

                          that have been moved or changed is more problematic than the extra space

                          needed to keep a collected folder. IMHO.


                          I have noticed the behavior of a cs6 subscription application appearing to

                          be a trial with a huge number of days. I know it was in error, but as long

                          as the damn appllication opened, I kept going because I need to work with


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                            kay50000 Level 1

                            Now, in August as in July,  Illustrator quits every time I try to launch on my Mac Pro, once again, and illustrator has disappeared from my macbookpro. The application just is not there in the app folder!


                            I was shut out of my cloud membership, and had to use the "forgot my password" trail to get back in, but I used the same password and username as always and I do not intend to change it because  I have hundreds of these to keep straight and there is no reason creative cloud should have locked me out. I can't download and install illustrator again from my macbook pro on my second install, because it says it is already installed. At the very least, you (Adobe) should send me a disc of the software so I don't have to download for days on my macbook.


                            I checked my bank account and my billing record once I managed to get back into creative cloud, and both were up to date, and have been up to date.


                            I've re-installed over six times now, which takes days to accomplish as a download. I have spent so much more time since april just installing this software repeatedly- it has crushed my ability to earn money from my work.


                            Adobe, please be fair. You offered these subscriptions and they do not work. Change YOUR methods so that users can actually use the programs they paid for!


                            If you want to starve your user base by not allowing the programs to work, you will lose the customers that can't pay all at once. Has that been your plan all along? Because it certainly seems that way.