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    Quicktime Export options are missing (only in AME)




      I already searched around for a while and also found another thread in this board, as well some info in the official documentation, saying that AME only installs certain export options, if it's not installed within the proper package of applications (like premiere or after effects).

      Well, I did install it as part of the Master Collection, and also have both Premiere and AFX up and running.

      The Initial install was a horrible procedure, since there was still some photoshop cs6 beta file lurking around and just wouldnt leave, even with the CS cleaner tool.


      When I finally managed to install CS6, everything worked fine, except one major flaw.. When I export a file from premiere as a quicktime, everyhting works as it should. But when I hit "send to AME", the quicktime preset just doesnt make it's way over to the media encoder, but I have only h264 and 4 other formats to choose from. Just no QT available. (I'm on a mac).

      I already tried installing the entire package over the original installation, but it didnt help. I also have CS6 installed on my macbook, where everything works perfectly fine. I compared the media encoder folder on both machines and it's identical in size. In the library I wasn't able to find any media encoder related files.


      Please, does anyone have any Idea how to get QT export in ame up and running again without going through a complete cleansing of my system and reinstall the whole package? I'm in the middle of a project now and would really like to have it working.

      (it worked before in cs5, btw)