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    Users having trouble in Adobe X with a form created in Adobe 9


      I was told by and Adobe support person to recreate it in the newer version, Adobe X, but will this be an issue for users on previous Adobe software versions?


      Issues submitted by client:


      We are having difficulty with my government forms packet. I fill everything out and hit submit and nothing happens. I go back and check to see if anything is missing and all dates and where I fill in my social security number are missing. no matter how many times
      I fill it out it is gone. I'm not prompted to do anything else.  Jordan says it must be my computer. I have a fairly new Dell with windows 7 and have never had any problems filling out forms on it before.


      Other example -  Complete Form hit submit and nothing happens


      I’ve been told that there is a known issue with Abode X and Firefox;  BUT we tell all our candidates to use Internet Explorer