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        Only problem with that argument is that the effect you describe is only evident in a handful of applications, InDesign being the worst that I have seen.

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          moongod80 Level 1

          I have the same problem. usually have to use the magic mouse to open an indesign, illustrator, excel, and some other types document and the mighty mouse for actual work.

          hate using two mice though. wondering if the magic track pad had the same failure as the mighty mouse.

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            I came to this forum on a web search and this has fixed our problem - excellent posts from all!


            Thank you

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              Errr... TUIJohnC, what solution exactly fixed your problem? I tried two different mouse drivers, but non of them could provide a smooth scrolling in ID. Even in other forums I just found solutions for turning off the mouse scrolling ability in specific applications.

              So, can anyone scroll smoothly in ID or AI?



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                Dougefresh091 Level 1

                Try Better Touch Tool: http://blog.boastr.net/

                I had to disable a lot of the fancy options, like horizontal scroll, and three finger gestures, but I finally got it to where it was useable. I would give you more details on the settings I used, but this was a work computer for a company I'm no longer with.

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                  re_volver Level 1

                  I still haven't found a solution that still allows me to scroll 360 degrees (and this problem exists for both the magic mouse AND the mighty mouse. For print documents, I've actually given up on using CS5, and wherever I can I'm building documents in CS3. I'm a bit taken aback that Adobe hasn't addressed this since the release of CS4.

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                    Maybe what you need is the next:


                    System Preferences>Universal access>Mouse>Mouse Options>Scrolling WITHOUT INERTIA


                    it worked well to me in Illustrator CS5.

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                      TwitchOSX Level 1

                      We got the mouse with our new Mac Pro and I do like it.... but the shape is crap. No hump like a regular mouse to rest your palm on. And yea... it's crazy as hell in InDesign. Seriously considering getting a new mouse. I'll miss some of the stuff that the magic mouse can do but at least a different mouse will stave off carpel tunnel for a little longer.

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                        re_volver Level 1

                        Inertia scrolling isn't the issue, as it's not only the magic mouse that's affected. I use a mighty mouse (scroll ball) at work, and I can have InDesign CS3 and CS4 open at the same time... CS3 scrolls perfectly, while CS4 is a train wreck. The scrolling problem is with the app, not the mouse. All versions of InDesign after CS3 have this problem... I have to revert back to using my old click-wheel mouse to be able to control scrolling in CS4/CS5, and I lose the 360º scrolling option...


                        This sucks, and I won't use CS5 for layout... I'm still laying out documents in CS3 (YEARS after CS4 was released), and I only use CS5 for export of interactive swfs.


                        Get it together, Adobe... you've got a massive Mac-based design and production clientele out here. This should have been fixed a long time ago.

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                          I said it before, almost three years ago, and I'm back to say it again. The problem persists! This is a shame. Mouses have evolved to not having buttons, Adobe Creative Suite has evolved into a highly systemitized graphics juggernaut, yet we still can't control the cursor! Curser!

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                            re_volver Level 1

                            How do we bring this to Adobe's attention as a serious matter?


                            Fifty percent of my daily work takes place in InDesign, and I feel like a carpenter that's been given the daunting task of building a house... but had his hammer and measuring tape taken away.

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                              rexprints Level 1

                              How do you get the attention of Apple and Adobe? If I only knew…

                              I'm surprised, still, at how big and old the problem is. So why doesn't this thread have thousands of posts.

                              1. How could we poll the MagicMouse/CS users? Doesn't Adobe have some satisfaction sampling tools? A measuring tape?

                              2. How could we quantify the problem among that cohort?

                              3. What do you with that information that could fix the problem? Where's the hammer?

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                                rexprints Level 1

                                Thanks, Bob. I did submit a Bug Report.

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                                  re_volver Level 1

                                  Does anyone know if this problem persists in CS6...?

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                                    Kurrykid Level 3

                                    Unfortunately, yes!

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                                      rexprints Level 1

                                      I pretty much give up on having any power over this (since CS monopolizes my profession) serious issue of not being able to control my tools. It's been years and many versions later (I noticed this in CS3, still have it in CS6).

                                        So I have a sort of meta-thread meta-question:

                                      How is it there are only 50 some posts on this killer topic?

                                      Should we assume we've got some rare and incompatible driver in our systems (which have been upgraded a few times too)?

                                      Well, that's two questions. But how could such a big problem have escaped Adobe's regression testing, even for a few users. It's clearly Adobe's problem, since it nobody's complaining about it occuring in other applications.

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                                        Dougefresh091 Level 1

                                        It's probably the usual case of one company blaming the other. That or they don't care since there isn't more people complaining about it.


                                        I personally have purchased a Logitech mouse as I prefer ergonomics over Apples fancy shenanigans. But when I was using the magic mouse third party software fixed the issues.

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                                          re_volver Level 1

                                          Hi Dougefresh091,


                                          Specifically, which third party software did you use, and on which OS?


                                          I've consistently had this problem with all versions of ID after CS3, regardless of the hardware or OS. At my day job, we're equipped with the mighty mouse on our workstations. At home, I have the Magic mouse (and I'm really happy with it). Faced with the uncontrollable scrolling in both scenarios, I desperately need to find a fix for both situations where I can keep the 360º scrolling option.

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                                            Kurrykid Level 3

                                            I love the Magic Mouse as well. InDesign is the only program in which I have problems using it.

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                                              Dougefresh091 Level 1

                                              I had been using Better Touch Tool on Snow Leopard with CS5. http://www.boastr.de/


                                              It basically just expands on options that are lacking in System Preferences. It's been a while, but as I recall I disabled horizontal scrolling and multi-touch gestures (not all, but most). It took away some of the mouse's functionality, but in my opinion it was well worth it. I'd much rather have a mouse that works well, without skipping around and just generally being eratic.


                                              Give that app a try, just keep in mind it will take some trial and error to get everything as you want it.

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                                                rexprints Level 1

                                                This is making me crazy. Why only InDesign? I have an uncreative suite of problems. In fact, I'm going to be specifying a refresh of my studio classroom at my college and I've got to consider choosing a couple dozen pointing devices. Teaching beginning graphics is hard enough with the bloated and obscure interface of CS6, now the students won't even be able to control the pointer. Well, at least it won't be the biggest problem any more. I will definitely keep CS1 installed (with no cryptic symbols and the palettes don't play hide-and-seek.)

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                                                  rexprints Level 1

                                                  I've tested BTT and MagicPref's over the years and found they only work by rendering the MagicMouse as lame as a button-less wired mouse, which has been a survivor in the college lab I teach in. A not-MagicMouse isn't a solution, it's a downgrade.

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                                                    re_volver Level 1

                                                    Thanks Dougefresh091,


                                                    This is really alarming that there's nothing out there to fix the issue and still maintain 360º scrolling....  and I'm still faced with solving the problem for the mighty mouse, equipped on our six production workstations.



                                                    I've really only glimpsed the CS6 interface so far, but "bloated and obscure" is probably the most eloquent description I've heard, and I don't think things are getting better. Improving an application and adding features is one thing, but changing tool icons and the names of commands? Why does Adobe do this? The worst example is Acrobat where version 8 had under Advanced, "enable user rights in Adobe Reader"... in Acrobat X this was moved to the File > Save menu and changed to "Reader Extended PDF".


                                                    It's kind of sad that when a new version of an application is released, one has to go online and hunt down tutorials to find tools and execute tasks that we were already familiar with.


                                                    Anyway, off-topic for this discussion, but thank you for listening.......

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                                                      rexprints Level 1

                                                      We are wandering into the weeds here, but I've got to add the Acrobat Pro/Reader Typewriter function, a huge if poorly implemented function which also got shuffled.






                                                      Rex Heftmann, graphics consultant

                                                      REXprints, creating identity and understanding



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                                                        Dougefresh091 Level 1

                                                        Oh boy, don't get me started on Acrobat X. Ha! The one and only improvemnt I've personally found is that the OCR works faster. Which is great, only the rest of the program is slower on my computer. And the menu... ugh. But, I mostly just use it for forms, so I'm looking forward to getting ID CS6.


                                                        I don't mind the interface on the other programs, but I do wish certain functionality was more consistent. For example the gradient tool between PS, AI, and ID is all over the place. Things like this are annoying because I often find myself using a specific program just because I like the way the tool in question works.


                                                        These inconsistencies are as curious as the fact that certain hardware—like the Magic Mouse—aren't really supported. I just don't get it, Adobe. Or is it Apple that's at fault? We'll probably never know.

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                                                          rexprints Level 1

                                                          Back on topic, I'm pretty sure it's Adobe, not Apple. MagicMouse doesn't play tricks in other app's.

                                                          FYI: I'll be testing the Apple Trackpad later this week, which we are especially interested in for special needs students (multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, left/right hand mixed dominance, etc.). News when it happens.






                                                          Rex Heftmann, graphics consultant

                                                          REXprints, creating identity and understanding



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                                                            heavyboots Level 2

                                                            With regards to the interface bloat and general downward spiral of Adobe products, I'd say it all started about the time they decided to abandon native platform GUI and forge their own. Much like the decision to create their own installers, it has been less than a resounding success.


                                                            Still can't get over the fact they think it's acceptable, for example, to force the cmd key+scrollwheel to be horizontal scrolling for the Mac—when shift key+scrollwheel was already natively supported for multiple versions prior to that. So essentially rather than just add it to the Windows side as a feature, they forced an unnatural unification for both sides, destroying some usability for Mac users in the process.

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                                                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                              Downward spiral is a matter of opinion. I don’t happen to share it…not even close.





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                                                                heavyboots Level 2

                                                                Glad to hear the new esthetic works for you, Bob. Not the case for me so much, I'm afraid.


                                                                I guess I'm just saying that if I'd wanted a dark gray interface and an application "frame" for all my apps, I would have chosen a different OS to start with. The fact that the interface is now almost *black* and the options for tweaking it only show shades of gray is frustrating to me. Along with panels, which don't work as well as the dockable tabs they used to have up until CS3. I'm not saying there hasn't been some positive forward progress too—I quite like the ability to call any command from the Quick Apply palette, for example. Just that in general, they've ben dragging the interface in a direction that is frustrating to me as a Mac user.

                                                                • 70. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID
                                                                  rexprints Level 1

                                                                  I'm taking full responsibility for this discussion drifting off into a general kvetch-fest.

                                                                  Now how about what we are all here for?

                                                                  "Adobe Meets MagicMouse"






                                                                  Rex Heftmann, graphics consultant

                                                                  REXprints, creating identity and understanding



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                                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                    I get that and you’re entitled to your opinion, but you’ll do a lot better letting Adobe know through official channels.








                                                                    If you want your feature request to get more attention you should make it as detailed as possible and include reasons why it would be beneficial.





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                                                                      heavyboots Level 2

                                                                      Apologies, Rex.

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                                                                        rexprints Level 1

                                                                        I am ever gracious in accepting apologies, but I'm pretty sure you meant to reply to Bob Levine. He could probably use a nice apology now and then.


                                                                        As to CS6 and other trackpads, after exhaustive testing (about two minutes was all I could take) I've determined that InDesign is as jerky as it was on CS3 with the MagicMouse, half as jerky with Magic Trackpad, and only mildly annoyingly jerky on my Air trackpad. Now add in the inconsistent gesture issue, it's blunderful, not magical. Along with crossed up keyboard shortcuts, it's very hard to guess which gesture will do what.


                                                                        I teach in a college lab where, in the preparing students for the wild, we train on every imaginable pointer and operating systems from OS10.3 up, so my demo's are a joke… on me, not Adobe or Apple. Mouse and trackballs are, as always, fine. CS1 with a no-button mouse has the immediacy of driving a 1959 Porsche Speedster, not that I've ever had the pleasure.

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                                                                          Kurrykid Level 3

                                                                          Just as an FYI, I have found the new version of Adobe Captivate (v6) is just as bad with the Magic Mouse

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                                                                            smashkirk Level 1

                                                                            Since the issue is not being addressed in CS6, and people have been complaining about this since 2009, I don't think it's going anywhere. I just bought the magic mouse the other day, I'm going to return it and get a good 'ol $14 logitec.

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                                                                              flaming1 Level 2

                                                                              A lot of it is to do with how people hold/touch/use the mouse. As I said in another recent forum post around this issue...


                                                                              While the Magic Mouse seems to have been the issue for some people here, for a lot of people it works just fine. I've been using the Magic Mouse with Indesign since it was first released - and still using it now with both Indesign CS5 and CS6.


                                                                              It's definitely a personal preference - and there's nothing wrong with that - it is a big issue for some people and not at all for others. Of the seven Indesign users in my immediate vicinity, five are happily using the Magic Mouse with Indesign all day every day, the other two are not.


                                                                              There's nothing wrong with some people not liking it, but it's not accurate to say the Mouse is the whole problem.

                                                                              • 77. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID
                                                                                re_volver Level 1



                                                                                The mouse isn't the problem at all... I think the magic mouse is brilliant, and am exquisitely happy with it. It's InDesign that's the problem... it's the only app in the CS suite (every release after CS3) that I can't control the scrolling with the magic mouse OR the mighty mouse. Every other CS app scrolls smoothly, but InDesign has become a wreck.


                                                                                The mouse is pure genius (in my opinion), but Adobe seriously dropped the ball on InDesign.

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                                                                                  rexprints Level 1

                                                                                  flaming1 says some people don't mind the way it behaves. As a preference, if a significant portion of users don't like it, then it is a signifcant problem, and since there don't appear to be significant complaints about MagicMouse used with other applications, it must be Adobe's problem. And it is a problem. It's certainly no way to run an airline.

                                                                                    As a graphics professor, I routinely see people doing things a miserably hard way because they don't know any better, so it's hard to take flaming1's impression as helpful.

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                                                                                    Dougefresh091 Level 1

                                                                                    It seemed to me when I was dealing with this that Apples lack of mouse options were as much to blame as anything else. If I could have only turned down the sensitivity (without use of third party apps) it would have worked fine.


                                                                                    Keep in mind I was on Snow Leopard when I was dealing with this, so things may have changed with the new OS's?