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    Can't preview files from a network drive to a local CF9 server.




      I have the following set up:


      • CF9 Local Dev version
      • CF Builder 2.
      • Project files are in a network drive N:\project
      • I have RDS set up and everything seems to work ok, view DSN, files, etc on my local server.
      • In the URL prefix section I even created a map:
      • There is no FTP set up on the CF9 server.


      The problem is that when I try to preview a file that I am working on from N:\project, it doesn't show on my local server. The previewing part works if I manually move the file to CF9. But it is the automatic uploading (or moving) of the file to the local CF9  that doesn't seem to work.


      BTW, I have a similar set up in DreamWeaver, where I am editing the same project (or site in this case) off of  N:\project, uploading to the same local CF9 server through RDS, and it works fine.


      I know that if in CF Builder you move the project to under the web root it will work but that would not work for us, since we need to keep the project source files on a network drive for sharing/backup purposes.


      Has anyone been able to successfully preview source files from a network drive on a local CF9 server?


      Thanks in advance,