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    PC users can't save PDF form data from form created on Mac


      I'm trying to create a PDF form for a client that will be accessing the form on a PC. However, when the client opens the form, a message appears saying that any data filled in the form cannot be saved and the document must be printed. If the client tries to "Save As" a message appears saying the form will be saved without the data. This defeats the whole purpose of using PDF forms.


      What can I do to allow my client to save data in the form? When I check the permissions on my end, there is no security and no restrictions.

      Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 10.24.51 AM.png

      Developer environment:


      • Acrobat 9 Pro
      • OSX Snow Leopard


      Client environment:


      • Windows 7
      • Acrobat Pro X