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    Expanding-objects-in-flowed-subforms - settings greyed-out

    jeffk13 Level 1

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      Acrobat 9 Pro Extended

      Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2


      Firstly, I'm very new to using LiveCycle & only slightly more experienced with Acrobat, so I'm unsure about the terminology. Feel fre to correct me on that, even if you don’t have a solution to my main question.


      I have an existing interactive (it has fillable text fields, check boxes, etc) pdf form which I want to change so that the text fields expand when full, going across page breaks.


      I know it’s possible - I've seen this example from Assuredynamics & when I open it in LiveCycle I can see the settings used, but when I open my form, some of the settings are greyed out.


      Object palette>field tab: ‘keep with next’ & ‘allow page breaks within content’ are both greyed out - the second of those is checked in the Assuredynamics & seems like it would be very relevant to what I want to do.


      Layout palette>size & position>Y> ‘expand to fit’ isn’t checked in mine but is in the Assuredynamics file. I’ve tried checking it in mine but  it didn’t seem to un-grey-out the other settings.


      I'm not even sure exactly what questions I need to ask here, so any comments or suggestions on how to resolve this, without having to totally create the form anew, would be much appreciated!


      Thanks in advance