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    Printing in 2-color + upgrade problems


      My company just recently upgraded systems, going from CS to CS 6, and a 10 year old mac to a new PC. Quite a leep.


      The prolem is, there was a program called Creo's "PowerTone" and it was a plugin for Photoshop which took full color images and made a blended image using only 2 colors. So where the original image had dark black, the end result would be the dark red and blue on top of eachother, giving a maroon color. It would automate this process, making 3 files, which would then be used in InDesign, to print 2 plates for our press.


      It appears this plugin isn't compatible with the new CS versions. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where my company should go from here? Doing each image by hand would be way too time consuming.


      We could also buy a version of CS which powertone supports (I think they went to cs2) and then I could print files from CS2 but still design in CS6?