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    How to use Cyrillic Fonts in Acrobat X with Mac




      I have an English version of Acrobat Pro X. Using it on my Mac OS 10.6 system. I am needing to edit some PDF's that are in the Russian language (Cyrillic font). When I try to edit the Russian text, my Adobe tells me that it does not recognize the fonts and that I cannot do anything with it unless I have the Cyrillic Fonts in the program. There is Russian text that I am trying to delete and would like to add new text in its place. I have no problem with the typewriter, writing in Russian for me. I just cannot delete the original Russian text. Any thought on how to do that?  Can anyone tell me how to load the Cyrillic Font so I can use it to edit my Russian PDF documents? I am fully updated with my Acrobat as well. Again, any help would be great!