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    SharedObject deleting?

    C-Rock Level 2

      I am on windows 7 64-bit using IE9 and I am watching my flash player sharedobjects folder. I can see my shared object .sol file being created like it is supposed to. Everything works well until the browser is closed. Then the file is deleted. Why? I don't have my browser set to delete temporary objects on exit.

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          C-Rock Level 2

          I have found that safari works just fine. In fact you can go to safari first and it will create the shared object and go back with IE and it will not be deleted. This has got to be a bug. If IE creates it then it deletes it on exit. However, I have an older site that uses the same exact code and it does NOT delete it but was created in an older version of Flash but using the same player. Why oh why is IE doing this? It is very important that I can save a user's login. Is there work around?

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            dmeN Level 5

            Hmm, not sure what's causing it but I think it must be a setting in IE. Just tested this here using Win7 64bit, and IE9 and I see the SO get created, and then it stays there when I close IE. Tried looking through IE settings but couldn't find anything that would delete it... Let us know if you find what it is.

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              C-Rock Level 2

              I'm going to say it's my version of the Flash Player or CS6 only creating the swf in 10.3. My older files created for player 10.2 and below do NOT do it. It is literally the same exact class. I had to move to Coldfusion creating the cookie. Oh Flash you are so buggy, it's no wonder why you are a dying technology.