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    Installation completes but no Adobe Air

    broken eric

      Hello all,


      I have a laptop running Windows 7.


      I have an ongoing problem. I had been running the BBC iPlayer for well over 18 months on this laptop with no issues at all, but following an issue with the BBC iPlayer I uninstalled the iPlayer and managed (eventually) to uninstall Adobe AIR using the Perfect Uninstaller (this was my only option as every time I tried to remove it with the Uninstall a program option I ended up with the Admin error, and the Microsoft fix did not work).


      Anyway, it removed Adobe AIR.


      Now when I try to re-install Adobe AIR by either running the Adobe AIR installer direct from the website or by downloading it and running it from the desktop it completes and says Adobe AIR is installed. I can repeat the installation over and over again and they all complete successfully.


      The files are placed in the c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\AdobeAIR\ folder.  If I look at the AdobeAIR.dll file the size is 13.3MB but in the details tab the entries are all blank - no application, no version number, nothing.


      As a result I cannot re-install the iPlayer. If i try and install from the BBC iPlayer Desktop install site that doesn't work either, it says it installs Adobe AIR but I don't get the familiar screen and nothging seems to be installed.


      Is there any way I can complete a successful re-install of Adobe AIR?


      Many thanks