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    Flash line weight with line/pen tool

    Rilyera Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I'm starting work on an animation project where I want very straight, vector lines, not something drawn by the brush/pencil tool or things like that which are normally used in Flash animations. What I was wondering is, is there a way to smoothly transition between line weights between 2 points?


      For example, can I set point A to a line weight/thickness of 1, then set point B to a weight of 2, and have the thickness smoothly transition between the two different weights? I can't find any way of changing it during the creation process, nor can I find a way to change it afterwards.



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          Ben Fhala

          That's a really amazing question.


          if you mean by transition in animation your best bet is not to use lines but to use fills it would be a lot easier.



          by the way if you want to explore learning more indepth how to draw by code here i have training on that on my site but i think in your case your best bet is to more micro doing it with fills.

          flash isn't a super hero when it comes to being very accurate when it comes down to into the pixel level animations flash is great when animatiing in perfect pixels so a jump from 1 point to 2 points works great but animating between pixels is a real chalange there are ways around it but there really complex such as using bitmap data instead but i wouldn't go that path unless your comfterble going deep into development for it. - i hope someone else comes up with a better tip.

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            Rilyera Level 1

            Just wanted to clarify, this is the effect I'm going for.


            Made this in Flash using the Pen tool and drawing a triangle shape. I don't want to transition between line weights during the animation, like different line weights on different frames, this is what I meant lol. Dunno if there's any other way to do this that's easier, but if there isn't I can do this. I'd prefer if I didn't have to use ActionScript to do this, seeing as I'd like to be able to easily convert this and upload it to YouTube when I'm finished with it.


            Thanks for the info though. Your site looks interesting, definitely gonna look further into it as I'm not really too versed on ActionScript.

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              Ben Fhala Level 1

              ha aman you don't need AS for that you will find as more complicated for something like this!

              i think your right on with what you are doing i think the pen tool is probably your best bet or if you enjoy doing the art in other tools you can always import it into flash if the creative tools on Ilustrator or other tool work better to you flash is really good with importing art as long as you don't need to animate the actual art that might be easier.

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                Rilyera Level 1

                Alright then. Thanks for the help.