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    Premiere Pro cs6 Trial wants a Serial number???

    kirstn2 Level 1

      when i downloaded the trial of premiere pro cs6 on my windows computer , it only shows encore, so i open that but in order for that to open premiere it wants a serial number.. i didnt think i need a serial number for the free trials.. please help, project for school is due soon!!!!!!!

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          You are right , to use the trial you do not need the serial number however it is a prompt screen that comes up at the time of launch so that you can serialize the software and turn it to full version also it let you know the number of days left for the trial.


          In your case it seems to be different , BTW what is your OS  ? Premiere Pro CS6 will only work in 64 bit OS actually, it will get install on only 64 bit OS so that might be the reason you have only Encore present not Premiere Pro.