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    Custom Toolbars in CS6?

    Jellyhead Level 1

      I've been coding coldfusion for years, and I've been using the old "Macromedia Homesite" for the better part of a decade. 

      I've now decided to get my arse into the 21st century and got Dreamweaver CS6. 


      On my old homesite, a lot of my frequently used tags and snippets were on a custom toolbar.  With the click of a button I would have my code snippets!


      But now on DWCS6, I cannot find where or how to do this. 


      I want to add my own icons and commands on the "coding" toolbar, or create a custom toolbar with my frequently used items on.


      Is this possible?  Id hate to see something as powerful as CS not be able to give me a snippet on command.