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    Flash quits working when I restart my computer and I have to uninstall and reinstall every time


      HELP! I've been working on this for 11 hours non-stop!


      I have Windows 7 64bit. I'm using the newest Firefox browser. I install Flash and it seems to sort of work. It is in my Control Panel Uninstall programs with the Flash icon.


      When I restart my computer and go to the Adobe site it shows that Flash isn't working. It's still in the Control Panel Uninstall programs BUT it has no icon. So I have to uninstall it and reinstall it to use it.


      When I go to any Zynga.com games and right click on the game window the Flash window opens but when I click on Settings it freezes and I have too right click and left click a lot for it to go away. So I can't allow the site to use 100% of Flash to run on the site. Once in a while if I wait a few minutes Settings will open and I set it to 100% but when I go back and look at it later it says I am using 0%.


      I have Norton 360 and have turned it off and uninstalled and reinstalled repeatedly only to have the same problem occur.


      Before I installed Windows 7 and had Vista Ultimate it worked better but still not as good as it should have.


      Also in my Firefox plugins Shockwave is there but no Flash plugin is ever there with Flash installed or uninstalled. Should Flash be there and where did Shockwave come from? Firefox?


      Do I need Shockwave for Zynga or Facebook games? Or at all for that matter. I'll install it for no good reason as long as it doesn't screw something up.


      After 11 hours of this Adobe HELL I am burnt! So ANY help is greatly appreciated!


      Thanks to anyone who can help me. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!