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    Playback glitch on export always at same TC


      Premiere CS5.5 appears to be causing a glitch/stutter at the same spot consistently. I've trashed the renders and re-rendered, I've un-nested the sequence and re-rendered + recompressed, I've exported to MPEG2 via Pr and via dynamic link using Media Encoder and I still can't overcome this error. I've checked the source footage and the glitch is not present there (source foorage was a tape capture).  All source files are transcoded to DV 29;97 NTSC 4:3 QT files.


      The glitch itself is similar to a playback stutter but only at one specific point and always at that point. This glitch is also present on the SD DVD created in Encore. That's how I first noticed the error.


      The timeline itself is almost 2 hours; I can export a shorter section around the glitch and that encodes without errors but I don't understand why encoding the entire timeline causes this reoccurring glitch/error. 


      I'm running production CS 5.5.1 (updated to current version), on a Win7 SP1 64-bit box, 16GB ram. Mercury Playback Engine is disabled since my card doesn't support it.


      Any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated. I've spent the last two night troubleshooting this issue and would love to get back to producing something instead of troubleshooting.