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    RoboHelp 8 and Internationalization

    Thomas Ressel



      I'm trying to internationalize an existing project in RoboHelp 8 and followed the instructions in the RoboHelp 8 help. The help suggests to create a new topic for the new language and translate the topic title but not its filename. I suppose that the filename should be left untranslated in order to make things easier for the next person working on the project. For example the translation of file 00_Content.html should be in file 00_Content_es.html instead of 00_Contenido.html.


      But now I'm running into problems when there are different filenames for the different languages: I now do not simply have to translate the content of the files but also the links in it.


      Is there some sort of mechanism for this? I would have expected that instead of a the filename there is something like a resource name which would be e.g. "Content" and that at generation time I select English or Spanish and then either the English or the Spanish version is compiled into the "Content" file. This way, the links in the files would simply point to "Content" and I would not have to touch the links inside the files...


      Thank you in advance for your comments!


      Regards, Thomas