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    Bookmark buttons disappearing



      I've been trying to find the solution to this for days. Does anyone have a work around and is this a known bug.

      I created in InDesign an index of thumbnails that are converted to buttons that go to named bookmarks (pages). There are also buttons to navigate back to page 1 and to go forward or backwards. So far so good.

      When exported as 'interactive PDF' the buttons are active on page one but then disappear on most – but not all – pages.

      This happens on Acrobat Pro and Reader 10.1.3 for Mac as well as on PC

      Another but less serious problem is that the PDF requires the user to 'fill a form' although no forms have been created. This can be resolved by applying 'not modifiable'  security on the document.

      I have made a simple document with no images that replicates the same problem. If anyone is interested I'll post a link.