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      • 40. Re: Unable to save document as (Flash CS5 - BUG - OSX)
        Sukhi12 Community Member

        Can you please email me your fla to FlashAuthBetaBugs@adobe.com?  Please note that our filter system cannot accept .zip file. If you are  to zip your fla, please change the file extension from .zip to .zzz.




        • 41. Re: Unable to save document as (Flash CS5 - BUG - OSX)

          I ran into this problem myself on OSX but it seems it could be a permissions issue.  Make sure you can write to your save destination.  It worked for me.

          • 42. Re: Unable to save document as (Flash CS5 - BUG - OSX)

            Win7 64bit, flash 5.5, 11.5.1

            Got a jobb from flash 4 age and trying to update there site but i got the same problem. Program frezzes, lose items in th e library and do dont know until its to late. I also notised that size of the fla file decreases then you know it´s the end.

            Installing 4 now.

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              chris_emerson Community Member

              Thanks elmonty2! Your tip saved me! (Save As CS4 shook the bug away somehow)!

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                [djdomain] Community Member

                First time I've seen this issue today.

                I had been working the same fla for the past 5 months without issue then today it suddenly comes up with the Save error.

                My input textfields for a submission form stopped excepting things like@ # %$£

                This was fine before. I checked the embed options and the font was not embedded (TNR font).

                After I embedded the font and characters and went to save I got the error.


                Turns out the the font embedded in the library had somehow become corrupt????

                Anyways deleted the corrupt font and re-embedded now all good.

                • 45. Re: Unable to save document as (Flash CS5 - BUG - OSX)

                  I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and the CS6, but it also happened while running CS5.5. I have the same issue. I am forced to do a restore from a backup tape in order to get a later version. This has happened too many times to count and with multiple files. I am to the point of doing a copy paste to do a manual backup right in my development folder.


                  This is unacceptable AND never happened in CS3 or CS4.

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                    I'm having this same problem. I recently upgraded to CS6 from CS4 and now my file keeps giving me the "unable to save" error. It's a pretty long animation file but nothing complex. A few blur filters and classic tweens but mostly keyframe animation. I'm honestly about ready to give up on flash for animation. Over the years it's given me a lot of trouble when used for classic animation purposes.


                    The project was created on my laptop in CS4 and I'm trying to work on it on a new desktop in CS6 (full disclosure) so I don't know if some output project path is creating this bug (it shouldn't since this file has zero scripting or linkage properties that I assigned)


                    I'm slowly rebuilding the file as a new file in CS6 so I can figure out what is causing it to flip out but with the buggy nature of flash I'll probably just give up and install CS4 on this new computer so I can try to finish my project.

                    • 47. Re: Unable to save document as (Flash CS5 - BUG - OSX)

                      We are encountering the same issue.  We have muliple stations experiencing this problem.


                      WIN7 Professional

                      CS5.5 version


                      We have done a uninstall and reboot then install clean verison and still getting error when saving.


                      Unable to save document as "z:\path\path\path\path\path\path\file.fla


                      Please try saving to a differnet filename or to a diffenet location.

                      • 48. Re: Unable to save document as (Flash CS5 - BUG - OSX)

                        Having the same issue, for multiple users across multiple machines. CS6, Win7 Enterprise. The Adobe "Known issues" page is less than helpful on this issue:


                        "Windows only: You can't save a FLA file in a Network/Desktop folder a second time after receiving an "unable to save" error message. To solve this issue, save the file as a FLA file instead. "


                        Basically says that if you're having trouble saving as an FLA, then save it as an FLA!

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