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    Viewing artwork

    community help Community Member
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          How can I tile print blue prints

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            emil emil Community Member

            In the print dialog there is tile and placement options.

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              Would it be possible to have multiple views showing different combinations of visible (sub)layers ?

              E.g. 'view1' shows layers 1, 3, 4 and 6, and 'view2' shows layers 2, 4 and 5. A (color)change in layer 4 would than automatically appear in 'view1' and 'view2'.

              I would like to use multiple views for sequential image build up.

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                emil emil Community Member

                Window > New Window


                edit: Oh wait, you said "sublayers"? Only layers, not sublayers can be independently shown in different windows.

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                  DocPixel-BMW Community Member

                  2 ways actually:


                  1) Double-click the layer icon, then uncheck (or check) "Print" for each layer.


                  2) Click the "eye" icon on the far left, of those layers you want to hide, or vise-versa, show/print.


                  Then when printing, at the very bottom (*Mac) of the print dialog box under General, choose "Visable and Printable layers, Visable Layers, or All Layers".


                  * where that shows up in the Windows printing dialog box, I don't know.

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                    zwidobe Community Member

                    thanks !

                    since i'm working with rather complex documents, (in)activating the visibility of sublayers would be preferred as well, while have the possibility in renaming the various windows ...

                    I've tried this through InDesign, coming across the same limitation regarding sublayers (CS5.5)..

                    Illustrator's option Select > Save/edit selction allows selecting (sub)layers, albeit not their visibility...

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                      Monika Gause ACP/MVP

                      Turn layers' visibility on/off and then View > Save view.

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                        DocPixel-BMW Community Member

                        @Monika - Woah... great answer! I forgot about that as well.

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                          Monika Gause ACP/MVP

                          @DocPixel: thank you.


                          Here's a plugin that might also be helpful: http://www.axaio.com/doku.php/en:products:madeforlayers

                          AFAIK it can be combined with another of this developer's plug-ins "Madetoprint"


                          So if custom views don't solve the issue, this might be worth a test.

                          Only: it's not yet available for CS6.

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                            zwidobe Community Member

                            Thanks to "@all" for all your input.

                            The View>Save View within illustrator should actually pull the trick, but does not seem to work properly: toggling back and forth between the different "views", created after saving, does for some reason not always turn on and off the visibility defined for the various layers in different "views": e.g. visibility of a particular layer turned on a saved view (say VIEW1), remains on in VIEW2, even though it is supposed to be turned off.

                            The AXAIO-link (with special thanks to @Monika) seems very interesting, especially if it works with sublayers.

                            I'll keep you posted !

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                              BarbLovesInDesign Community Member

                              We used to be able to see stray text points in outline view; as I frequently use Illustrator to edit pdfs from office apps, some of which can be loaded with stray points, this feature was very helpful to me. It is no longer in AI CS6 that I can find.  As I don't always want to delete ALL the stray points, as many appear in the middle of text, depending on font/style changes and kerning/tracking settings, etc; the Select/stray points is only marginally useful to me.