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    Syncing with Creative Cloud stops at 24%




      I'm a heavy user of Adobe Ideas on my iPad and loving it. Especially now with the Creative Cloud-support, so many shades of awesome!


      But. The last week the sync has stopped and doesnt go further then 24%. I turn off and on sync -- no change, I turn off and on wifi and try to restart the app -- But it still doesnt sync further than that. When i check the creative cloud thru webbrowser or via the Ideas-app on the iPhone none of the drawings turn up.


      Any idea of an action to take? I don't want to loose the illustrations...



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          We have the same issue. Only ours stops at 26%. Big whoop!


          Adobe "support" is the worst. We've quit using the product. What a waste of time!

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            Frank Stokes-Guinan Adobe Employee

            Hi Daniel,


            We're working on an update that contains numerous fixes to issues around the sync functionality. However, we have not seen this particular issue reproduce consistently, so we cannot say for sure whether it has been addressed in our upcoming update. How many files total do you have in Ideas on your iPad? Of those, how many are not sync'ing?


            Here are some things to try to get the sync "unstuck":

            1. Turn sync off. Then for each file that is not sync'ing, make a small edit to them in some way that will trigger them to get re-sync'ed. (Opening each document and zooming in or out should be sufficient.) Then turn sync back on.

            2. If sync is still stuck, repeat step 1 for all the files, not just the ones that aren't sync'ing.

            3. If sync is still stuck, create a new Ideas file on your  iPhone (not iPad). Let it sync to the cloud from your iPhone, then see if that new file is sync'ed down to your iPad.

            4. We've had some issues with accented characters in the past. Though unlikely, it's possible these issues may be related to the issue you'r seeing. If you have any files with accented characters (eg. é, ó, ö), try renaming them to be without accents.


            Once you try the above steps, we'd appreciate any info on whether any of them helped resolve the issue for you. If none of them work, we'll dig deeper.




            Ideas Engineering

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              DanielFeldt Community Member

              Hi Frank!


              Thanks for your reply! I've tried all your steps and none of them worked. Sadly.


              The syncing still stops at 24% on both iPhone and iPad. At first there were 4-5 ideas that didn't sync on the iPad. The iPhone couldnt find any new Ideas from the iPad and when i created an idea on the iPhone it didnt sync. It stopped at 24% also.


              After step 2. none of the files are sync:ing. All of them have the same graphic (the empty progress bar) as my attached screenshot in my original post. And it still stops at 24%.


              I had a couple of Ideas with "ÅÄÖ" in them, but they were old ones that synced before without problems. I've renamed all my ideas with filenames with A-Z instead. Didn't fix it.


              In total I have 56 ideas. This problem started a week ago or something. Not quite sure, but before that it worked flawless.


              I really love this product (Its my mistress and my wife ain't that fond of that) and i have realised that the Creative Cloud-support is greatly missed.


              Thanks for your reply, I'll gladly help in any way that i can to help you guys fix the problem. It seems to me that it could be a problem with my Creative Cloud-account? Should i somehow try to register another (if that's possible) or maybe you could set a new one up for me. You could probably see my email if you need to get ahold of me outside of this forum.




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                Kim McCaw Ortiz Adobe Employee

                Daniel -

                Thank-you for engaging with us directly to address your sync issue, I was pleased to receive confirmation that you are again able to succesfully sync your files with the Creative Cloud. 

                Do keep us informed and updated on your experience with Ideas.



                Ideas Quality Engineering

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                  Lundborg.Design Community Member

                  What's the solution?

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                    Kim McCaw Ortiz Adobe Employee

                    Hi Lundborg.Design -

                    I have sent you a private message to obtain more specific information related to your experience and to assist in resolving the issue.  I look forward to working with you.



                    Ideas Quality Engineering

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                      Lundborg.Design Community Member

                      Cool. We have the save 26% issue. Nothing syncs to the cloud.



                      PLEASE NOTE: I will be out of the office with limited availability from Friday, June 29 through Friday, July 6, 2012.




                      Mike Lundborg

                      Lundborg Design Group