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    Server slow

    dpsCygnus Level 1

      We are having all kinds of problems related to the server today.


      When we go to add new articles or update existing articles, the Folio Builder finishes "building folio" then gets to the part where it shows a progess bar for "uploading article" and goes very slowly (compared with all last week). Then, it gets to near the end of the progress bar and just hangs there for a very long time (up to 15 minutes). Sometimes it gives the yellow triangle of failure, sometimes not.


      Most of the time, I have to restart InDesign to try again.


      Each of the folios that failed worked fine when I added them to a different "test" publication.

      And they eventually (so far) have been sucessfully added to the real publication, but it takes several tries.


      It is not just uploading that is slow.

      When I go to download the publication on my iPad (in the Adobe Content Viewer) it takes a very long time (13 minutes for an 11 MB file).


      Has anyone else experienced these problems?



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          jamesroche Level 3

          We are actively investigating server-side problems. The solution is forthcoming, we apologize for the slowness.


          Thanks for letting us know. We appreciate your patience.

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            BM - Adobe DPS App

            We also are facing a painful experience.

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              Adi Ravid Adobe Employee

              It's a nightmare!!!


              Download and publish are so slow...


              Started a publish about 20 min ago and it's stuck on 9%.

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                Johannes Eckert Level 4

                if you need to test on the ipad immediatly, remember to use preview on

                device. and create local folios.



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                  Adi Ravid Adobe Employee

                  The problem is that I have a publishing deadline that's about to expire.


                  Must get the issue published before the PR campaign launches.

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                    BM - Adobe DPS App Level 1

                    I'm on a deadline too. Dreadful online app policy from Adobe.

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                      Pierluis Level 1

                      Yes, I have struggling with DPS all the day long... actually I started this morning to upload a folio and I have not been able to get it on the cloud yet :-(


                      It seems a network error which should mean there is something wrong with the Adobe server... I remember when I started with DPS one year ago I have had big problems with the connection to the Adobe server and now it's a nightmare to have again the same kind of troubles :-(

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                        Adi Ravid Adobe Employee



                        Finally got it published. 3 minutes and 3 seconds before the deadline.

                        What a relief.

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                          Kind of glad it wasn't just me then!


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                            jamesroche Level 3

                            Please try your upload/publish jobs again. We've made some progress on problems related to authentication, and we're confident that at least the problem will be less frequent.


                            Thanks again for your patience. We're investigating the issue continually until we're sure there is no further impact to users.

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                              Pierluis Level 1

                              Sorry James to let you know that at this exact moment (in Italy it's 8:34 p.m.) the uploading of my folio made of 36 stacks is freezed on the 26 and it does not go on....

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                                Pierluis Level 1

                                Sorry James to let you know that at this exact moment (in Italy it's 8:34 p.m.) the uploading of my folio made of 36 stacks is freezed on the 26 and it doea not go on....



                                ... update: now (9:01 pm) the folio has gone ;-) but it is very slow anyway!

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                                  jamesroche Level 3

                                  Thanks for the update. The last error we saw related to the issue we were tracking was around 11AM PST (California time). As I mentioned in this and other threads, we're going to monitor the system day and night until we're sure the changes we made were effective.


                                  Thanks again.

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                                    mobly Level 3

                                    definitely feels better to me in the UK



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                                      Tres Tipos Gráficos

                                      Today?.... DPS servers are far too slow for the file sizes this system is generating: bitmap based interfaces... just like html 15 years ago!.. come on... I really think we're paying for more than this...

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                                        It is so slow. Trying to publish now, and it has failed a few times. Any known server trouble?

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                                          Tres Tipos Gráficos Level 1

                                          I have a 10MB internet connection and the folios are downloading 200ks/second max.. it's a nightmare when you have to download a 600MB file..

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                                            I was quite excited to find this thread as it's related exactly to the issue I've been battling with the past couple of days. I'm disappointed however, to see that these posts are dated back in June so it's unlikely the answer to my problem is here. I've spent literally all day trying to upload folios to the server and then download them to my iPad. The upload is taking an absolute age and for most of the morning they were getting to 80% and then just hanging, ultimately returning a 'failed to upload' error message.


                                            As these folios had successfully uploaded before without much problem I assumed it was something to do with changes I'd made to the content. I then tried uploading folios that I knew had no changes but these suffered the same fate. Downloading to my iPad is also painfully slow. I've even rebuilt folios from scratch and tried uploading one page at a time, in an attempt to identify where a potential conflict may be.


                                            No joy. Each upload is taking anything between 20mins to half an hour (for as little as a 15MB folio) and I just don't have the time nor the will to continue this process.


                                            I'm frustrated and mildly annoyed now as there is little to no chance of me meeting my deadlines, and I'm spending most of my precious time in these god-forsaken forums trying to find an Adobe emplyee who might solve my problem for me. I kind of expected this level of pain during the Pre-release program but not 2 years down the line.

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                                              mobly Level 3

                                              Gold support should be able to tell you if there are any problems, you sound like you might be on a Pro-Licence?

                                              There are often maintenance times, but these are normally mentioned by Adobe.

                                              Believe it or not the servers have got a lot better! (in my experience)




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                                                Pierluis Level 1

                                                I have been in this situation several times in the past, but eventually I have always been able to reach an happy-end even with a more than 500Mb file!


                                                What I did was just to open a case in the support and later on (within 24 hrs) I tried again to upload and it was ok... but honestly speaking every time I started an upload I also started praying...


                                                Actually I do not need anymore to distribute my folios (I just create single-app) so now for me it is great to avoid the upload process with the Folio Panel: in fact when I want to check my job I build a local folio and than I transfer it directly from Indesign onto my Ipad, and at last I use the "create app" function to work directly with the DPS App Builder and this is a fantastic workflow :-)