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    Is Spry Framework discontinued or not?

    IronADDT Community Member

      Last Adobe's message is 30 April 2010, after… nothing to nothing


      I have understand ajax/html5 are enemies of the Flash technology but please send us a clear message… Spry is discontinued or not?

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          Michele Bedin Community Member

          Donald Booth (Adobe Employee, Spry project)
          Last Logged In: Jun 29, 2010 7:41 PM


          Kinblas (Adobe Employee, Spry project)
          Last Logged In: Jun 7, 2010 12:14 PM


          MAX 2010 nothing Spry session… and "jquery dataset" work in progress:


          I think that Spry is really dead!


          Adobe doesn't communicate anything to us because consider the developers not as a resource (as Apple/Microsoft) but only a nuisance.

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            Arnout Kazemier Community Member

            Adobe always been a closed company when it comes to releases of products.

            The same practise is applied to the Adobe Spry Framework. They did release

            Spry 1.7 a while ago, but the developer adoption of this is rather slow. I have been

            using Spry 1.7 in production for a few months now. And created a few widgets for it

            . It works great, but Spry 1.6.1 is still the shipping version of Dreamweaver.


            The Spry team actually consists of Dreamweaver core developers, so there focus

            is not only Spry, but also Dreamweaver and the intergration of other libraries in to



            Idealy Spry should have been open sourced so developers can submit patches and

            speed up the development of framework. But because Spry is also a product of

            Dreamweaver this would mean that they are actually "selling" the code. I still have

            hopes of this happening in terms of CLA for contributors.


            Anyways, I doubt Spry is dead.. They are just having a radio silence

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              daslicht Community Member

              Adobe just discontinued Catalyst which we payed for ... so better do not trust anymore in Adobe ...