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    PDF Zooming issue

    Branislav Milic Newcomer

      Despite the fact that I have created all articles in PDF,

      that I have checked the box "PDF zooming" in the Viewer Builder


      In the Developer Preview.ipa (loaded on my iPad), zooming works only on a few pages out of 85.


      Where is the problem ?


      Thank you

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          Johannes Eckert Champion

          do you use smooth scrolling a lot?

          when a page is 3 pages or longer the article will be converted to a PNG




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            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Mythic

            When you created the articles, did you choose PDF for image format?


            Did you use Smooth Scrolling articles? If Smooth Scrolling articles are taller than two page lengths, they use JPG or PNG image format.

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              Branislav Milic Newcomer

              Yes I choosed PDF, it was even the default setting.

              And each article has only one page.

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                Branislav Milic Newcomer

                My settings are these. And among these pages on the screenshot, only a few are zoomable.


                I imported all the articles in batch and used a sidecar.xml.


                bmprod01 2012-06-21 at 00.39.34.png

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                  Branislav Milic Newcomer

                  I have reproduced the bug.


                  Create a Folio and set it to be in PDF format.

                  Import multiple articles in batch. Test of the app on the iPad : no zooming.

                  Import some articles one by one : PDF zooming works.

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                    Laubender Rockstar

                    @Branislav – I had also issues with the zooming capability of one single PDF folio (the work of one of my students, all v20).


                    Testing with my own material consting of only some slideshows did not show the "no zooming" error. Nothing special in:

                    1. Adding single articles to a fresh PDF folio
                    2. Importing a bunch of articles in one go

                    3. Importing one single article after the other

                    Perhaps some more complex circumstances. Some ingredients I cannot name right now…


                    I will investigate further with the student's folio…



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                      Laubender Rockstar

                      After testing a while I can reproduce the error with my students' material. But I cannot find the exact cause…
                      It's something with the import articles feature. If I import or if I add one article after another zooming is possible. If I import all articles in one batch zooming fails.

                      I reduced my test case for 3 articles now to minimize variables. I will test on…



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                        Laubender Rockstar

                        Ok now.
                        I think, I found the culprit.


                        After minimizing my test case to 1 article and an InDesign file with no contents, just a blank page, I found one difference between my problem file and my new files that work without problems (= zooming is enabled):


                        My problem file was created in InDesign CS5 v7.04 and then worked on in 7.5.5 v7.5.3.


                        After exporting to IDML from InDesign CS5.5, reopened and saved again as InDesign CS5.5 file the problem was gone.

                        Zooming was no problem any more!



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                          Laubender Rockstar

                          I cannot rule out another cause for the misbehavior, a very subtle corruption of the file maybe, because I did test with a new Indesign file from CS5 opened in CS5.5 and zooming was ok.


                          But the remedy for my problem file was: export to IDML, save again.