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    No Audio When Exporting My Video


      Before anyone asks, yes, the 'Export Audio' checkmark is ticked.


      I've done this many a time and it's worked, but not this time. I have 1 Video/Audio track and 2 Audio tracks. The Audio track associate with the video is silenced, because one of the other two audio tracks is the same thing after I used Audacity to remove some noise. The original video file is 1024x740, and I'm exporting it as a 1280x720 video. Of course, the video's not the problem here. The original audio files are 44100 Hz and the export settings are 48000 Hz. Note - I've done this before and it has worked perfectly. I'm trying to export it under H.264. Is there anything I could have changed subtly and unknowingly so that it wouldn't work? Exporting audio by itself results in a 15 minute empty file.


      Here's the summary:

      1280x720, 29.97 fps, Progressive

      VBR, 2 pass, Target 5.00 Mbps, Max 5.00 Mbps

      AAC, 128 kbps, 48 kHz, Stereo


      If you need more information, tell me.