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    hp pro 3000 adobe flash driver issue

    html5plzkillflash Level 1

      After installing adobe flash player and verifying that it was install correctly in IE 9, the adobe after install page loaded just fine and showed flash player as being installed, everything worked fine but, still some websites are still causing adobe flash to not load correctly in IE 9 or have websites return that flash player is not installed. I’ve tried everything I can think of… Installed the newest adobe flash to date, 11.3 (06/20/2012) and the same problem. This only happens on my HP pro 3000 machines (windows 7 64 IE 9 32 or 64) and when I remote desktop to the workstation the adobe flash loads just fine in IE9 on websites that were having loading problems before. The only thing I can think of now is that a driver on these systems is causing this problem. I reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 7 64 and ran windows updates, loaded adobe flash 11.3 and the same problem accrued on a hp pro 3000. Firefox will load just fine, but I can’t have that running on these workstations that are on a domain. The video drivers are up to date.




      hidden bottons and flashing content when the mouse is moved around. A login and password box should be displayed above the 'check mark box'.