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    Using DW to create a dynamic, grid-based website


      I am a novice to this whole web design thing but I have big dreams of accomplishing a big goal and designing my own website.


      I am aiming to create a site similar in concept and design to this one: http://dynamit.us


      I am looking to replicate the multi-sized "content boxes" using a grid (which I know can be easily done in DW), and I am looking to have my website automatically "pull" content when the scroll bar reaches the bottom of the page (Facebook is another example of a website that uses this feature).


      I am NOT concerned with replicating the animation(s) on the dynamIt website, as can be seen on the photos that have the magnifying glass in the top right corner.


      I am thinking about biting the bullet and upgrading my trial version of DW to the full package, but I want to make sure that I am purchasing the correct software to achieve the result I'm aiming to achieve.


      Can I create a somewhat simplified version of this website (dynamit.us) using just Dreamweaver (and maybe PS for photo editing)? How do I build a site that pulls "past" or "old" content from a library and "updates" on the page every time the scroll bar reaches the bottom of the page (Infinite Scrolling)?


      THANK YOU!

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Dreamweaver is a great tool.  It will aid you in achieving your goals.  But it won't make you an instant success at professional web development any more than purchasing a fancy, expensive camera makes you an instant success at photography. 


          How much  experience do you have with with web design theory,   HTML, CSS, client-side (JavaScript), Server-side (PHP) and databases (MySql)?  


          Ultimately, a working knowledge of your craft is primary.   The tools you use are secondary.




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