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    CS6 Freezing on Save Project

    daxmacrog Level 1

      When I try to save a project in CS6, Premiere displays the Save Project dialogue and freezes completely.  The progress bar does not begin to move.  If I click cancel, I get the beach ball.  The only way to get out is to Force Quit.  Also, if I let that it remain in the frozen state for more than a few minutes, it grinds my entire system to a halt with hard drive read/writes and eventually system memory errors (which I've never seen before).  I have 8 gigs of RAM and few things running.  It also bizarrely knocked out my system sound, which has not returned after a restart.  The volume speaker icon is now grayed out (different from muted) with no fix that I can find.  The sound thing could be a coincidence, but that seems unlikely.


      The project I've been playing with was started in CS5.5.  It's a simple project, just a demo reel that I figured would be a good thing to use to test out CS6.  It has one AE comp, but nothing crazy.  So I opened it in CS6.  It converted, and I saved it to a new location.  I made a few adjustments and saved it again without a problem.  The auto save was also working.


      I opened another project from 5.5, also no problems, although I didn't really make any changes.


      When I opened the first project again, everything seemed fine until an auto save which froze as described.


      I Forced Quit and reopened the project.  As soon as I hit save I got the same freeze.  I figured some kind of corruption had set into that project file.  So I started over with the original CS5.5 project file again.  I was able to save it, this time with incremental file names, and make the same changes.


      After a quit and relaunch, I opened the project and again couldn't save.  That was the case for every one of my incremental saves. I've now gone through this cycle a lot trying to figure it out.  The only project I can open and save is the original CS5.5 project file, but if I make any changes and then close the project and come back to it, the freeze on save happens every time.


      I'm not particularly concerned about the reel project, but the other project I'm working on is a client piece that I started in 5.5. I'm pretty terrified this will happen to that project as well.  I'll soon find out as I need to move forward with it.


      I'm psyched about CS6.  I like what I've seen briefly, but this is obviously disastrous.


      Various error messages have also popped up.  Here they are:


      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.

      [/Volumes/BuildDisk/builds/mightykilt/PremierePro/UIFramework/Make/Mac/../../Src/Workspace .cpp-209]


      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.

      [/Volumes/BuildDisk/builds/mightykilt/PremierePro/UIFramework/Make/Mac/../../Src/Applicati on.cpp-3118]


      Adobe Premiere Pro

      Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project.


      Anyone else experiencing this?  I'm running Mac OS 10.7.4.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          One of our testers thinks that, based on the error messages, there's somethng funky with the workspace that you're using.


          Try this:


          1. Open the project in Premiere Pro CS6.

          2. Switch the workspace to the default Editing workspace.

          3. Try to save.


          If that works, you'll need to manually recreate your old workspace.


          If that doesn't work, send us a copy of the project (without the media). You can upload it somewhere where we can download it, like a file-sharing site, or you can email it to me at kopriva at adobe dot com.

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            daxmacrog Level 1

            That may be the case.  After trying out a number of things, I managed to save the file again and have not had the problem again.  I've been making a lot of changes to my system.  So it was difficult to determine if something specific I did fixed the problem or it happened to go away.  However, I recently saved a new custom workspace while working on another PrP project and switched to it for this one as well.  It's quite possible that's what did the trick.


            Thanks for your help.  I appreciate the response.  I'm set up with Creative Cloud and loving it.  Other than this scary hiccup, Premiere CS6 is looking awesome.

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              Jon Chappell Level 3

              Is there any chance you could PM me the crash log so I can take a look?

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                bigwhopper Level 1

                Let me second that CS 6 KNOCKS OUT sound on my MacBook Pro 2010 running 10.7.4.    After installing Master Collection system sound has been disabled.  The little speaker icon at the top is grayed out after booting.  Sometimes another reboot may bring sound back temporarily.    Only my 10.7.4 systems with CS 6 are seeing this issue.

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                  daxmacrog Level 1

                  I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this.  My system sound still hasn't come back on its own.  I found a workaround which is to kill the coreaudiod process in the Activity Monitor or through Terminal (i.e. "sudo kill coreaudiod"), which forces it to restart.  You have to do this after every reboot.  I'm also on 10.7.4, which came out the same week as CS6.

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                    cornelius_3 Level 1

                    I have not been able to save a project since I installed Premiere CS6 from the cloud.  It may have something to do with Premiere trying to saving a linked composition from After effects, but regardless, this is just stupid.  Can't save a project?  What's the point in using Premiere and After Effects together.



                    OSX 10.6.8, 

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                      AudyErel Level 1

                      My system sound also knocked out, speaker greyed, the volume control always muted with forbidden symbol. iTunes won't play (stays on 0:00) and preview (spacebar) not working on video files, only displaying a bigger version of the thumbnail. Quicktime said error -101. All this happening after many crashes/fatal error with Premiere CS6 on my system:

                      MacBook Pro 17" late 2011 (purchased on February 2012),

                      AMD Radeon 6770M (Open-CL Mercury engine capable)

                      2.4Ghz i7,

                      8GB RAM,

                      MacOSX latest update.


                      I've tried the following ways to bring the sound back:


                      - Resetting the PRAM & NVRAM (holding Cmd+Opt+P+R while restarting)

                      - Resetting SMC (Pressing and releasing Shift+Opt+Cmd+PowerButton when turned off)

                      - Time Machine to earlier 'normal' time

                      - Repair Permissions

                      - Reinstalling iTunes

                      - Uninstalling CS6


                      The audio sometimes do working after I reset the PRAM and also work with the Time Machine process but it always gone again after I restart the machine couple times.


                      My MacBook was fine before any of the crashes with Premiere CS6!

                      Do we have a cure for this issue?? I'm getting frustrated.. help...


                      PS. I also post this same question on the other thread titled "The Mac CS6 'Serious Error' Thread".

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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                        Please don't double-post.  I deleted your duplicate post.



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                          genefama Level 1

                          I tried everything to fix the muted audio.  This is what worked,  You have to run the script every time you restart your computer.  Save it to your dock for easy access.


                          1. Open Utility.


                          2. Open Applescript Editor.


                          3. Copy the following and paste it at the top half of the editor (copy everything below with the quotes in place):


                          do shell script "launchctl stop com.apple.audio.coreaudiod" password "your_password" with administrator privileges


                          4. Replace "your_password" with your login password. For example if your login password is ILOVEMYSON2011 then it should look like this...


                          do shell script "launchctl stop com.apple.audio.coreaudiod" password "ILOVEMYSON2011" with administrator privileges


                          5. Now go to File ---> Save As (in the Applescript Editor on the Menu Bar)


                          After "Save As" choose a name for the file. I called mine "AudioFix"


                          Under "File Format" choose "Application."


                          Save it to your Applications (or wherever you like) and drag it to your dock.


                          Run it whenever you restart your computer. If your problem is the same as mine, the volume indicator will pop on within a few seconds or up to a half a minute after you run the script.


                          Good luck!

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                            AudyErel Level 1

                            Thanks Genefama, really appreciates your kind reply and the effort to help me out!

                            But, now I'm in the process of reinstalling Lion.. After I'm sure everything is backed up I'm ready to go! Many of my softwares and their plug-ins will be reinstalled from scratch because I'm not restoring from Time Machine and I'm willing to go through all that hassle as long as it will bring my Mac back to normal again. I won't install Premiere CS6 until they give me something to believe that I will not experience all this trouble anymore, a big update or something, then I'll consider.


                            If after the fresh install the muted audio persist, Adobe better try extra harder to mute me on this forum.

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                              genefama Level 1

                              Here's my guess: the audio still won't work, but it will once you follow my instructions.  I could be wrong; that's how it worked for me.  Lemme know what happens!

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                                AudyErel Level 1

                                I finally manage to reinstall Lion through the internet process, took me a whopping 12 hours to download and complete the whole process due to my slow connection (many failed attempts!).. Now everything works flawlessly like it used to be, I'm updating to 10.7.4 now.


                                Tried couple restarts with no problem, the audio seems to work fine.


                                I'll let you know if any of my further action brings back the mute-terror.. The trauma still exist... Such uneasy feeling!

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                                  ok, here is a fix...... I updated to the latest update version (I have CS5). The version I had was 5.0.0 so I updated to the most recient version (updates) and that fixed it fine. I can now save without the freeze.

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                                    daxmacrog Level 1

                                    I've been away from this thread for a while, but since there was a recent response, I thought I should mention that I haven't had the freezing problem for months. As Todd indicated, I believe it was in fact related to some sort of corruption in workspaces that were saved as part of CS5.5 project files that were then opened in CS6. Everything seems to be straightened out now as far as that particular error goes.


                                    And the audio problem went away after upgrading to Mountain Lion.

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                                      May Waddington

                                      Jeff, I am having the same problem: My CS5 freezes even when the automatic save fuction comes on... I have some pretty seriou work done in this project and need to finish this soon...


                                      I tried saving as and changing file name and hd; didnt manage to find a default option in the workspace tab but uncliked the import worspce from project (didnt work either).


                                      Any other suggestion? Dont have the sound problems others were having.

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                                        today I found that freezing on save problem on Windows platform is caused by "Multi-Camera Monitor" ... when I close MultiCam window in my Premiere Pro CS6 project workspace, saving is not freezing anymore and playback is starting instantly instead of very laggy while MultiCam window is opened (not active, not visible, just added tab to workspace and it make hangs) ... please, fix this in future versions on Premiere Pro ...

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                                          stevethornton Level 1

                                          I just can't believe that that a custom workspace could caused a "Save" problem... but it did. Thanks!