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    Presenter 7 add-in disabled itself in PPT 2010 can't enable it

    campbellsusan Level 1

      I have the Acrobat X Suite (including Adobe Presenter). I upgraded to Office 2010.


      The Adobe Presenter menu item stopped appearing when I opened Powerpoint .


      I uninstalled Presenter and downloaded Presenter 7.07 and installed it as a trial. I then used the installer for Presenter in the Acrobat X Suite to apply the license key.


      Everything worked fine for awhile and then the Presenter add-in disabled itself.


      I tried to enable it with no luck. I went through the whole process that I just described again (uninstalling, downloading, re-installing as a trial, and then running the install from Acrobat X Suite for Presenter, and I still can't enable the Presenter add-in (though it appears on the add-in list--as disabled). I'd appreciate help. I have some files I need to re-publish for a course.

      Thanks. Susan

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Launch PPT.

          Select the File menu

          Select PowerPoint Options

          Choose the Add-Ins section

          At the bottom you should see a Manage: option with a drop down menu

          Select the Disabled items option and click Go.

          Select Presenter and then Enable

          Close and restart PPT.


          Keep an eye on the messages that come up if PPT crashes again, and if you see the "There was a problem with the Presetner plug-in, do you want to disable it?" dialog, say no.