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    Spry Menu Bar links are not working in Chrome


      Hi there,


      I designed a website last summer and have not worked on it since August. Everything was working fine until pretty recently. The top horizontal navigation bar is not active, but only in Chrome. It works fine in IE.




      In Chrome there is no hover action and the links appear to be non-existent.


      If someone has some insight on what is making this Menu Bar not work in Chrome but work just fine everywhere else, I would really appreciate it.


      And if you need more information than just the website link please let me know



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          Ben Pleysier MVP

          Throughout this forum you will see advice against using the position attribute for normal basic layouts. This is again an example where the designer/developer is asking for trouble.


          If you remove the following line, the links in the menubar will work - starting at line 55 of your document

          .header {

              background: #000;

              position: relative;


          This will throw the menubar out of whack and you will need to find a way to position same simply by using margins and floats, not forgetting widths.