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    Acrobat won't save as a Reader Enabled PDF File


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm having troubles with creating an editable PDF.  What my goal is for this document I'm creating is that when I send this doc to others they can fill in their name and be able to import their logo into this document.  Because you can't create an image field, my work around is creating a signature field for where they can place their logo.  Anyhow, my problem is that as soon as I create the signature field in Acrobat, I cannot save it as a Reader Extended PDF, because all of the options are greyed out.  I've tried changing some of the security settings to allow for this, but its not working.  I just want someone to be able to open Adobe Reader and be able to use this signature box.  If there is anyone that can help I would really appreciate it.


      All the best!