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    cs 4- camera raw


      How can I launch camera raw, to re-edit a photo, or otherwise on Demand?


      Mac cs4.


      from; 123news

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Find the image in Bridge, right click, and choose Camera RAW.  CS5 allows you to use Cmd r to launch from Bridge to ACR.  I don't think that works with CS4, but give it a try.

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            123news Level 1

            I appreciate the suggestion, but it is not working on this Mac. I should note that I ripped Bridge out of the application tray -- to the Destktop -- as it was sooooo corupted that nothing was working! I couldnot even uninstall it from the disk!!


            I was able to chase-down the file in the Library, but it would not open, with the comand on that page.


            This seems nuts that I have a copy of Camera raw, and Adobe locks you out of Access? What is the point of this policy?


            Thanks for the suggestion.    123news

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              Curt Y Level 7

              I strongly suspect it has something to do with Bridge.  Bridge is a part of PS so can not be uninstalled seperately. 


              If you moved any of the Bridge files, other than the start icon you problablly have to uninstall CS5, run Adobe Script Cleaner and then reinstall.

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                123news Level 1

                Thanks for the info, I gave-in to trashing the whole set-up, and rebuilding 

                from install disks