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    How to Restart MovieClip with stop animation in a Main Timeline Looping Animation

    Rockz Gonzales

      Hi AS3 Guys,


      I need help with my flash work regarding the looping animation.

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      Problem Case: I have Main Timeline which is a looping animation, within the Main Timeline there is movieclip named "MC" ( inside the movieclip timeline, I put stop(); so that the movieclip will not play automatically within the main timeline and wait for the animation to be finished ), but the problem is when the 2nd iteration of animation, the movie clip stops and doesnt restart its animation.


      The total length of animation is 11secs @ 18FPS with a total of 199Frames

      The movieclip is a only part of the main animation that had own animation itself.

      I need AS3 code.

      Question: How do I restart the movieclip animation in every iteration/loop of the main timeline animation. What am I going to do?

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      I tried some sample on the internet but no one works for me. Any answer would be great help. Thanks!