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        Some news from Enfocus?

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          KCH LTD Level 1

          How about some news from Adobe?

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            Haven't heard anything from Adobe or Enfocus here.

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              Experiencing the same issue here, and failing to comprehend why it seems that Adobe cannot release a stable build of Acrobat Pro X.


              After update to 10.1.3 in Windows 7 64-bit environment, Acrobat Pro X will intermittently crash when you close a document. 


              Event Log error reported as:

              Faulting application name: Acrobat.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4f7bc871

              Faulting module name: Acrobat.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4f7bd9b8

              Exception code: 0xc0000005

              Fault offset: 0x000bdf75

              Faulting process id: 0xb38

              Faulting application start time: 0x01cd217dec47838a

              Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe

              Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.dll

              Report Id: 300c550a-8d71-11e1-afe4-5c260a306abe

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                KCH LTD Level 1

                SenorMano -- (For me), Acrobat doesn't crash if I keep a PDF file open -- I can then open and close other PDFs without a hitch. It's a lame workaround, but it seems to work so it's my solution until Adobe addresses the problem.

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                  SenorMano Level 1

                  Thanks KCH -- and Acrobat works if you relaunch it. 


                  It just seems plain unacceptable that Adobe introduced this error in an update and refuses to acknowledge the issue. This is a least the second time they've made Acrobat X less stable with an update -- and this one was supposed to fix the "crash on preflight" issue in 10.1.2  (See https://blogs.adobe.com/dmcmahon/2012/01/25/acrobat-10-1-2-adobe-acrobat-has-stopped-worki ng-when-using-preflight/).

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                    KCH LTD Level 1

                    Yes ... maybe Adobe is saving it's best effort for CS6, shipping in May.

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                      KCH LTD Level 1

                      Er ... its best effort. You know what I mean.

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                        vamalik Level 2

                        Hi SenorMano,

                        I see that you are constantly facing this problem on your machine. Can you provide me the crash dump from of Acrobat to investigate the issue. The method to obtain crash dump is mentioned below:


                        On Windows 7 machine, when your Acrobat crashes, go to Task Manager->Processes and right click on Acrobat.exe process. There will be an option to create dump file. Select that option and share across this dump file via any file sharing server. You can paste the link to that file here.

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                          I am also experiencing the crash on quitting from Acrobat Pro X 10.1.3. It doesn't matter if I have opened a PDF for not. When I hold down the shift key to start Acrobat without plugins I get an instant crash.


                          This is happening on my work machine (Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon running 10.6.8) and my home machines (Macbook Pro and iMac, but with 10.7.3). This only happened after the update to 10.1.3.


                          I have also checked three other work machines at my company, all of which have been upgraded to 10.1.3 and they all experience the same issue, crashing on quitting.



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                            SenorMano Level 1



                            The dump file is over 200 MB. What all is included in there?

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                              vamalik Level 2

                              Hi SenarMano,

                              Crash dump contains the stack trace and other process related information at the time of crash.

                              You can compress this file via WinRar or any other similar utility so that its size gets reduced and then upload it on any file sharing server like DropBox, MegaUpload, etc. Then paste link to the same here.

                              Do you have any third party plugin installed in your Acrobat??? What happens if you remove it and open pdfs???


                              If it is possible for you to arrange a virtual meeting via Adobe Connect to let me investigate the issue on your machine, then kindly let me know the suitable date and time. I'll arrange for the same.

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                                Just in case Adobe have not yet realized; Acrobat 10.1.3 update causes Acrobat to crash on exit - for almost everyone (and certainly everyone who is using plugins such as Pitstop Pro)!


                                Asking for people to send 'crash dumps' just seems like time-wasting. It is an extremely simple matter to reproduce the fault on any machine (I know becuaes I've seen it on countless machines now).


                                Please fix it!

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                                  AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

                                  Dear user "Rutger2"


                                  We (at Adobe) have been making extensive attempts to reproduce the crash that you are seeing but haven't been able to. The buid is deployed on thousands of machines internally at Adobe and millions outside. All that we have been able to see so far is a crash with PitStop. We are working with folks at Pitstop - while it is true that 10.1.3 caused the crash, the cause was a fix we made which we believe is correct. Pitstop engineering is woking on a fix.


                                  That isn't to say that there isn't another problem, it's just that we haven't been able to see it despite all our attempts. If you or others could work with  Vaibhav (vamalik) in providing the crash dumps, it would help us in narrowing down the problem and fixing it.




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                                    m0m0.1234567890 Level 1

                                    dear AbhigyanModi


                                    i don't think it needs extensive attempts to recreate the error. my resources are quite limited and it took me no more than 5 minutes to achieve the crash on exit, on every machine I tried (mac only so far).


                                    the fixes we are supposed to get eventually always turn into payable upgrades leaving us no choice but to go the dictated path of throwing more money at it. i know how much development costs and appreciate all your efforts in making your apps as useful, feature rich and stable as possible but i still dream of the days when illustrator used to run no matter what (your last resort on an unstable system) and Photoshop all of a sudden came up with layers (a real improvement in comparison to content aware fills or deletes). now i might be mistaken but i bet on the pitstop fix being the payable upgrade to version 11. prove me wrong and I'll carry your flags to Rome.


                                    kind regards


                                    one happy adobe customer (no, really! check my order history)

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                                      Rutger2 Level 1

                                      Pitstop 11 doesn't fix the problem - Acrobat 10.1.3 still 'crashes' on exit.


                                      As part of my job I visit print shops and design houses - most of them use Pitstop. Some of them have excitedly installed the trial of Pitstop 11 thinking it would cure various bugs. While people say Pitstop 11 itself is noticeably faster and better than v10, it does not fix Acrobat crashing. Expect you'll have to wait for 11.0.1 for that!

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                                        vamalik Level 2

                                        Hi Rutger2,

                                        We make all possible attempts to reproduce the issues faced by our customers. However, there is a considerable difference between a typical user machine and a typical test machine. Therefore, we ask users for crash logs/dumps in case we are not able to reproduce the issue at our end.


                                        Using Pitstop 11, we haven't experienced any crash in Acrobat. So maybe there is some other problem on your machine. If you can provide us the crash log, we will investigate the issue and try to solve your and other users' problems.


                                        Steps to create Crash Dump, if you are working on Windows7 machine:

                                        1) As soon as Acrobat crashes, open Task Manager.

                                        2) Go to Processes tab and select Acrobat.exe process.

                                        3) Right Click on the Acrobat process and select Create Dump File.


                                        On Mac machines:

                                        1) When Crash dialog appears, select "Report"

                                        2) Copy the log text and paste it in a text file.


                                        Compress and share the log/dump file created via some file sharing server.

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                                          klasinger Level 1

                                          As you wish, we send more crash reports:


                                          But does this help? For you information: anybody i know has the same problem with 10.1.3. So i cant understand what the problem to reproduce it? Is it possible to buy your testing mashines, seems to be real great stuff.


                                          In the meantime a patch should be appropriate? We talking about this since weeks.

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                                            DAMiller468 Level 1

                                            We can reproduce this crash problem on all workstations, running Acrobat 10.1.3 and PitStop 10. We have not received a working solution from Adobe nor Enfocus.


                                            Unfortunately, we rely on the PitStop plug-in for our workflow. This problem is concerning and hinders productivity. Our confidence in Adobe’s and Enfocus’ ability to produce software that actually works together is low. Especially now that Adobe has switch to a one-year release cycle.


                                            We have decided to roll back to versions of the software that worked together.

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                                              Same problem here, my collegues also, OS10.6.8 Acrobat pro 10.1.3. But we work with Instant PDF. We can also reproduce the crash problem on all workstations.

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                                                I have the same problem. Acrobat version 10.1.3 crashes on exit.  I believe it is causing my copy of Quite Imposing Plus to lose its license information and revert to demo mode each time Acrobat restarts. I've been in touch with Quite Imposing but they have not been able to resolve the issue.


                                                I have Pitstop Pro 10, Update 3 and Quite Imposing Plus 3.0c installed. I'm on Mac OSX 10.7.4. The crash occurs any time acrobat closes, weither a PDF is open or not.


                                                Below is the crash report generated when Acrobat closes:


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                                                  I also have this problem using acrobat 10.1.3 with pitstop pro version 10 update 1 on MAC OSX 10.6.8 every time you quit out of acrobat it crashes, sometimes when you close a document it crashes.  It doesn't seem to be saving my preferences upon closing Acrobat either.

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                                                    vamalik Level 2

                                                    Hi rutger2, m0mo.1234567890 and klasinger,

                                                    We could reproduce one of the crash scenario - Acrobat 10.1.3 and Pitstop 10, in which the issue was there because of some mismatch between Acrobat and Pitstop plugin. For that Pitstop had provided a fix in their new version of plugin (Pitstop 11). We had verified this new plugin at our end and seeing no crash intimated to everyone on this forum to update their pitstop plugins.

                                                    However, as some of you have reported crash with Pitstop plugin 11 also, we have tried many different possible scenarios to get to the root of this new crash but without any success. And therefore I am asking different users to send their crash reports to us, because it is one way to investigate problems in real world environments.


                                                    All things apart, one more thing we can do is directly analyse the Acrobat installation on your machine. For this, if it is possible for you to arrange a virtual meeting via Adobe Connect to let me investigate the issue on your machine, then kindly let me know the suitable date and time. I'll arrange for the same.

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                                                      I knew from day 1 it was going to come down to buying Pitstop 11 to fix this.  Since I just upgraded to Pitstop 10 not too long ago, I'm just going to re-install Acrobat, stop updates at 10.1.2 and start looking at some of the newer Acrobat alternatives.  Getting pretty sick of the release cycle and quality of releases lately.