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    How to stop the Selection Tool from selecting effects around objects?


      This question is for Illustrator CS5.


      I can't seem to figure out how to fix this problem. I vaguely recall finding a solution in CS4, but cannot recall how it was achieved:


      Scenario: If I have a number of shapes on top of each other, with, for example, a drop shadow on the top shape, whenever I try and select the shape below it (it is peeking out from beneath the top shape, so I click on this 'peeking' section of the shape to try and select it) I cannot - it just selects the top shape as the top shape's drop shadow is 'blocking' the shape below it. Make sense?


      How do I go about about remedying this? I seem to recall being able to tell Illustrator to ignore 'effects' when making selections in CS4, but cannot work out how to do this in CS5. And is there a way to refine the 'sensitivity' or selection radius when clicking to make selections?


      Hopefully someone with the knowledge can please advise?


      Many thanks.