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    Cannot Render from SpeedGrade CS6


      So, I'm doing some testing to see if SpeedGrade CS6 is for me or not, and honestly…I love what I've seen so far. But, I'm having an issue that's probably easy to resolve (no pun intended), but for the life of me I can't figure out why.


      I put a quick sequence of 4K R3D files together in Premiere CS6, exported an EDL, opened the EDL in SpeedGrade and linked back to the footage. Everything seems to work fine. I've graded my clips, added a vignette, and now I'm trying to render/export. But the "Render" button seems permanently greyed out. No matter what combination of output options I choose, it just won't let me start a render session. I'm running the latest CS6, updated via the Adobe Updater. I'm working on a 15" MacBook Pro with Core i7 processor and plenty of RAM. The only connected peripheral is a Thunderbolt RAID setup.


      Any ideas why I can't render?