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    Best solution for 2+ monitors CS6

    Videowilk Level 1

      After reading discussions about the flaws of external hardware (matrox, BM, AJA) - or at least the drivers needed, I want to find the right solution for using two computer monitors for my Workspaces and a third (HDMI or HD SDI) output for a 37-inch program monitor (not broadcast, but decent Panansonic LED). I have been reading tons of specs and posts... what is best? I am planning a new CS6 workstation

           1. Dual Quadro 4000s

           2. Dual GTX 570s or 680s

           3. some new idea??


      Why can't Nvidia make all three ports active on the Quadros?


      Wishing Adobe would post more than just minimum specs, but some kind of details on levels of workstations based on types of workflows...





      PS I've been using a $50 HP USB signal splitter on CS5 for a couple of months - it's been great - allowing me to spread my Workspace across two monitors with HDMI to the panny monitor. But that can't really be The Solution, can it?!?