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    Flash Pro CS6 - not enough JVM memory - change 128 to 256, flash doesn't start.

    Filippo Gregoretti Level 1


      working on very large projects, I often get the "flash ran out of memory for the jvm" error.

      Restarting flash does the trick for another couple of hours, until I get that error again.


      It opens the jvm.ini file to let me increase Xmx memory value.

      I change it from -Xmx128m to -Xmx256m

      I restart flash, get the error: "Error initializing Java Runtime environment. You may need to reinstall Flash"

      I change it back to -Xmx128m, and flash starts again.

      But obviously, I again get the "not enough memory" error.


      Am I doing something wrong?



      after installing Flash Pro CS6, previously installed Flash Pro CS5.5 does not start, gives me the JVM initialization error all the time, regardless of which Xmx value I put for CS5.5