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    CS6 Help Doesn't Work in Local mode

    leejk Level 1



      I have downloaded the trial and installed it Mac OS Lion. The help application does not work; the omly thing that it will display is the settings window. After downloading local content and clicking done, the window disappears, but when you click on the application icon, it again reappears. Simply put, I cannot view the help at all in the Help application, even though I have set it up to always use local content. Anyone else run into this?



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          Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

          Hi Keith:  in CS6, the display of Help content defaults to your browser.  For example, click F1 (or help) from any CS6 app.  You should be taken directly to the appropriate help content in Safari (or Chrome or Firefox). 


          For more information about changes to the CS6 Help application, see the announcement here:About the Adobe Help Manager in CS6

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            Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

            Hi, Keith,


            The reason you can't see Help locally yet is that we have not yet uploaded the local PDF.


            It will be avaiable in June.  We apologize for the delay.


            Update (July 2012):  CS6 help PDFs are now available.  You can install them with the Adobe Help Manager or access them directly here.



            Adobe Community Help & Learning team

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              leejk Level 1



              I must say that it is discouraging that the method of delivering help docs changes every CS release, and it never really improves. In CS 5 it was ok, but I'm not a fan of online help as it is always slow as crap, especially when looking at the AS3 docs. Also, I'm not a fan of pdf docs either, because they are hard to navigate and clunky. The reference url posted mentions that html format will be available for download, so hopefully that is available soon.



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                Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

                Hi Keith: you should be able to download the HTML for the AS3 docs now.  Open Adobe Help > Local Content.  Highlight the selection for AS3 and then click update. After its completed downloading, you should be able to hit F1 and invoke the local copy in your browser offline.



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                  I agree with other posters here.


                  Any use of Web Browsers or PDF documents is a complete step backward and in the wrong direction, and is a slap in the face after spending thousands of dollars on a product.


                  If we wanted to search for hours and hours in forums and/or ask a question and wait indefinitely for an answer, then everybody would be doing that... but we're not. I don't even want to research and discuss this problem here in this fashion.


                  What we want is a traditional local help reference that we can read through without being connected to the internet especially when we spend thousands of dollars on a software product.


                  Since Adobe has already had this as a natural part of the software, it has become a reason why we upgrade or purchase the product in the first place, we know that it comes with a help system.


                  Now that I have purchased the upgrade I am very frustrated that its help attempts to connect online to dump me on a worthless search page, which by the way, does not filter properly for Adobe Illustrator content and instead returns a plethora of half-assed forum posts from people.


                  This is very disappointing... I have not yet been able to read a simple help summary or to peruse offline the features list of this new software I have spent thousands of dollars on. A dissapointment.

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                    leejk Level 1



                    It's still broke for me on my Mac. The image you posted of the screen for the settings will not close. Each time I click done, the window will minimize but not close, so the Help application does not work at all for me. Clicking help within the application always brings up this screen and the help displays in Safari. Any ideas?



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                      Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

                      Hi Keith:  we posted some 'placeholder PDF' files last week.  Those should appear as available updates within the Help Manager preferences.  Have you downloaded those yet?  If so, here's how to test the offline functionality:


                      1. Make sure you have the PDFs downloaded.  The Help Manager UI should say 'current' in the status column.
                      2. Under General Settings, click "Display local help content only" option. 
                      3. From your product help menu, launch help or press F1
                      4. The PDF should launch.  Of course, the PDF is a placeholder -- and the content is limited to "coming soon" message (plus our apologies) 


                      If this is NOT working as described, there may be some corrupt configuration files at work here.   Can you try the procedure outlined here? http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/help-application-doesnt-update.html 


                      You don't need to reinstall the help manager in this case though — just make sure that any cached files in the following directories are trashed: 

                      • Mac OS: /[user name]/Library/Preferences/chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1
                      • Mac : \Users\Shared\Documents\Adobe (Help and PDF directories within) 


                      Once the cached files are purged, just double click on the Help Manager again (Applications > Adobe > Adobe Help) and it should work properly.

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                        leejk Level 1



                        I will try your suggestions for my Mac when I get home.


                        However, today I downloaded all of the apps for Creative Cloud at work onto my PC, and next to none of the Help system works. For Flashbuilder, I selected to download all local help, but when help opens in my browser for Flash Builder, the links for the ActionScript docs still goes to Adobe, which is too slow to be usable.


                        Also tried to open help from Photoshop, and it tells me I'm not connected to the Internet! Apparently, someone forgot to account for corporate users being behind a proxy server for internet access.


                        Tried opening help from Flash, and got nothing.


                        The old Help Application which ran insde of AIR was not a bad thing... why change it? The current strategy is not working at all, and if the only option we have is looking at pdfs offline vs. html, then the strategy has definitely taken a step backwards.



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                          Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

                          Hi Keith:  For Flash Builder, you can download a standalone ZIP versions of the AS3 reference guide here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/actionscript/documentation.html 


                          The Flash error is a separate issue. The team issued a patch here: http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html#flashCS6 


                          One of the goals for the Help Manager is CS6 was better proxy support.  Let me check with the engineering team and find out why the Photoshop help content did not respect the proxy server.

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                            leejk Level 1



                            Ok, but since within the help manager I checked to download the actionscript api docs locally, why does it not integrate wit hthe local help for flash builder? In the attached image, all of the links in the red box still point to adobe's web site instead of locally stored docs.




                            5-25-2012 2-45-01 PM.jpg

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                              leejk Level 1

                              Are there plans to fix this or do I need to log it as a bug? Not having it all integrated into local documentation is a pain.



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                                Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

                                Hi Keith:  I will forward this onto the AS3 documentation team.  You are welcome to file a bug as well - couldn't hurt. Thanks for your patience.

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                                  jrunrandy Adobe Employee

                                  HI Keith,

                                  Although a lot of things changed with CS6, I verified that the Flash Builder bug goes back to at least 4.6 (predating CS6), so I created bug 3206147 to track it.


                                  There is an odd combination of moving and non-moving parts in this problem, so it might take a few weeks to fix it.


                                  (Note that this thread covers a lot of issues and products; my response addresses the local<>web linking problem in Flash Builder.)


                                  My apologies for causing this aggravation,


                                  Randy Nielsen

                                  Senior Content and Community Lead

                                  Adobe Systems Incorporated

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                                    L Coyle

                                    Thanks for these very clear instructions! I was able to get my Help up and running again for my Creative Suite CS6. I wish the documentation was better though. Even filtering for Adobe-only Illustrator content, it takes more than the usual amount of searching to find the standard help information about CS6, as I used to be able to do with CS5.


                                    I also spent a half hour on with tech support today and they wanted me to reinstall the whole CS6 suite, or let them "take control" of my system. I left with a link and a case number, less than satisfying. So your instructions here saved the day.


                                    I wish it hadn't taken me so much searching to finally find this, but glad I did.

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                                      leejk Level 1



                                      It is almost end of June, and the local help files are still not available. can we expect them soon?


                                      Also with regard to the help issue I mentioned in Flash Builder, will that be fixed with an help update?



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                                        Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

                                        Hi, Keith,


                                        You can expect the PDFs soon!

                                        I'll take your other question to Randy.



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                                          jrunrandy Adobe Employee


                                          Let me check. I spoke with a Production person about this last week, but I don't know where it falls on his schedule.




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                                            XCode247 Level 1

                                            You have an excellent Offline Help Application.


                                            This thread is ABOUT the Offline Help Application which comes with the software.


                                            PDFs and Adobe Acrobat are NOT an excellent offline help system.


                                            If you are going to go through the trouble of creating PDFs which are NOT as effective for delivering help content, why not go through the trouble of creating content for your EXISTING Offline Help Application, which IS bundled with all the software but currently comes up blank when we try to use it.


                                            Are you saying that we now need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader and fumble with PDF files to use an inferior help solution to the one you already have?

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                                              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                              CS6 manuals (user guides, Help) are now available in PDF format and HTML for all applications in Creative Suite: http://bit.ly/cUSJa8

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                                                leejk Level 1



                                                I have had the problem of the help failing to integrate on 2 different Macs and 1 Windows machine. The problem is that the window that pops up saying that the downloaded help is being integrated never goes away, as if it never finsihes. See attached image.

                                                Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 12.44.52 PM.png

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                                                  Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

                                                  Hi Keith:  I suspect that there some corrupt configuration files amiss here... Please try deleting the following directories:

                                                  Windows: %appdata%/chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1 

                                                  To find this directory in Windows, copy the preceding phrase into the Windows Explorer file manager.

                                                  Mac OS:
                                                  /[user name]/Library/Preferences/chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1


                                                  Afterwards,  click on the Help Manager again to reinvoke the download.

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                                                    leejk Level 1

                                                    That does not help... I still see the same thing happenning.

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                                                      I'm still in the boat of not having access to local help. I have gone through Mark's instructions just above, I have been trying my best to be patient, but I'm starting to want my old help system back. In making Mark's suggestion for a fix, I am now out 1.8GB of local help content that was still hanging on from CS5.5 - I'm bummed by this ordeal.


                                                      Why does this issue seem so unimportant?

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                                                        This is an off post, because I use cs 5.5, but I have no local copy of help. The program, any of them, tell me to download a copy from the adobe web site. I have been searching with no luck. Where is it? I don't have Internet any more and I have to resort to the local library for Internet. I looked in the "Goodies" folder on the "other" disk and did not find a help file to install.


                                                        Help in pointing me to the download area to obtain the file(s) would be much appreciated.



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                                                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8



                                                          You can download PDFs for all applications in Creative Suite 5.5 here: http://bit.ly/cUSJa8

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                                                            leejk Level 1



                                                            I am having this problem again. The latest updates total around 45.7 MB according to the help manager's general settings panel, and they will download, but they will not integrate. Everytime now when the help manager is started it says I have updates, but after downloading they will not integrate. I have tried the steps listed in this thread to clear out the old files, but that does not work. There is a more detailed cleanup to perform in which someone from Adobe showed me, but I do not remember those steps and was wondering if they could be posted here.



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                                                              I'm having the same trouble that your reply relates to but I don't have the file below I can get rid of:


                                                              Mac OS: /[user name]/Library/Preferences/chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1


                                                              that I can't get rid of.


                                                              I want the online help & that opens in Firefox fine but the "Adobe Help" app opens with "Adobe Help manager" screen & no matter what I do it opens everytime I use the Online Help in any CS6 or 5.5 app.

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                                                                Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

                                                                Hi, telebutch,

                                                                Just wanted to let you know that I've contacted a Help engineer to look at your problem.


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                                                                  XCode247 Level 1

                                                                  Adobe already has a help reader, one of the best in the world. The fact that you are giving out PDF files for help despite having a perfectly fine help reader built into the system is an absurd travesty. The PDF files are pithy and I'll-suited to a help system. That is why you have a help system and nobody has had the idiotic idea of using PDF files before.


                                                                  First, you decided to not have help documentation, so you shipped with a high quality Help reader that was blank and that redirected people to online sources like forums and question sites, which also are horrible at being documentation sources, and despite the fact people want to access the perfectly fine Help system that is there, that you have, while being OFFLINE.


                                                                  To solve this problem you created documents in (not in your help system), but in PDF, and then as a multitude of people pointed out there is no documentation in the perfectly fine and first class help system that you already have, you hurried to the solution of providing them crude PDF files that barely satisfy their needs.


                                                                  You should all be fired.

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                                                                    leejk Level 1

                                                                    I'm not in favor of pdf files either; they are a horrible method for a help system. I was told that supposedly this was due to customer requests, which I find hard to believe. The previous system in CS5 was much better than the mess in CS6. Plus the online documentation has links in it to other non Adobe managed sites, and half the time it seems that these links are dead. It's bad enough we can't get a descent help system, but now it looks like Adobe is relying on other people to document their own products.

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                                                                      telebutch Level 1

                                                                      Hi  Kirsti,

                                                                      Did you find anything out?


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                                                                        Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

                                                                        Hi, telebutch,

                                                                        I'm sorry no one has contacted you!  I sent your info to the engineering manager right after I posted. I will hound him to get back to you.  They're in a different time zone so you may not hear from them until tomorrow.


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                                                                          sangupta Adobe Employee

                                                                          Hi telebutch,


                                                                          Sorry for the trouble you are facing.


                                                                          The path on your local machine would be:


                                                                          /Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1


                                                                          If the above folder does not exists, check if you have multiple volume mounts? If yes, the directory above may be created on the mount from where 'Adobe Help Manager' is launching.


                                                                          Another reason why 'Adobe Help Manager' keeps popping up is that its already running the system tray. Yoy may want to 'Force Quit' the application after setting the preferences, and trying another help invocation.


                                                                          If nothing works, a workaround to stop 'Adobe Help Manager' from launching everytime you launch help, may be to remove the application from your system. Open '/Applications/Adobe' in Finder and move 'Adobe Help Manger' to trash. Note that this may also mean that you will not be able to donwload any offline help - and all help incovations would need internet connectivity.


                                                                          Hope this helps and let us know if you still see issues.




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                                                                            Joe TV Level 1

                                                                            I just installed CS6 on my workstation, which is offline.  So I downloaded the "help" PDFs from here.


                                                                            Let's be honest, these are NOT help files but web links to online video tutorials.  This is a very obvious and passive aggressive way to get people to use Adobe's website.  There are three other workstations to be upgraded at my work (all offline)...


                                                                            Also, I press F1 in any of the Creative Suite programs and NOTHING HAPPENS. Same if I actually select the open help.  I take that back, some progs give me an error telling me I'm not connected to the internet.  Genius.


                                                                            Seriously, why is this being made so difficult?


                                                                            "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means."

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                                                                              Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

                                                                              Hi, Joe TV,


                                                                              You can configure your product to open the downloaded Help PDF when you select a Help menu option or press F1.

                                                                              You're right that it's a bit complicated to get ofllilne help to work correctly.  Here's a TechNote with the details.


                                                                              Make sure the downloaded Help PDF lives in the right place on your computer:


                                                                              Windows 7   C:\Users\Public\Documents\Adobe\PDF\pdf\

                                                                              Windows 8  C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Adobe\PDF\pdf\

                                                                              Mac OS   /Users/Shared/Documents/Adobe/PDF/pdf/


                                                                              NOTE 1: If the folder structure Adobe\PDF\pdf does not already exist within the "Documents" or "Public Documents" directory, create the folder(s) before moving the PDF.


                                                                              NOTE 2: Don’t change the file name of the PDF.



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                                                                                XCode247 Level 1

                                                                                The fact that Adobe had a wonderful offline help application with search, linking, an index, etc. etc. Was one of the major reasons why I paid so much for the software.


                                                                                However, when I installed it, I was as disappointed as everyone else that the help application has been put into disrepair by Adobe, and they had zero offline help available for everyone, and yet the application was still built into their software.


                                                                                After many people complained, Adobe promised at some point to deliver PDF files, which is, frankly, the stupidest idea since PDF files themselves are not reasonable for a help system. Anybody creating a PDF help system needs to do all the work creating the index, formatting, and everything. It is a significant amount of additional work, especially given you already have a help system that has served people very well and worked very fine.


                                                                                Then. When Adobe does finally got around to sending out PDF's for offline help, they gave half-assed documentation and guess what... It contained links to online content, such as blogs, and video resources, etc.


                                                                                First of all... Links to online content DOES NOT WORK for offline help purposes.


                                                                                When paying nearly $1000 for software, a major selling point is that you have some kind of documentation you can go through that tells you what features are in the new software you purchased.


                                                                                We literally had ZERO documentation to go through upon purchasing this software and Adobe has SEVERELY dropped the ball on us.


                                                                                It would be better to just remove the help system from the software completely, because it is a fraud and false advertisement at this point to claim that Adobe software has any kind of help system built into the software.


                                                                                As you have learned now. Third-party web sites are NOT a substitute for a help file. They do not work OFFLINE. They don't even work ONLINE as a help system, really.


                                                                                To pretend like you have an offline help by having it open in a half-assed software with a link to the web, or to give people PDF's that link to the web, is UNACCEPTABLE for people wanting an "OFFLINE" help system.


                                                                                SO... Either just say "There is no offline help", or create an actual offline help system. Pretending like you have offline help when you don't have it and just giving us more links to the web is not working. Something is seriously broken at Adobe.

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                                                                                  Kirsti-CA Adobe Employee

                                                                                  Hi, XCode247,


                                                                                  You're right that we were really late providing PDFs for CS6.  While we never intended to have no offline solution, we took way too long to deliver it.  And then the PDFs weren't so good: chapters began with confusing offline links, there was no pagination, the TOC often disappeared because it was bookmarks.


                                                                                  For this new release, the Help team really improved the PDFs--there's a full TOC, pagination, the unhelpful community links have been removed.  They've also separated out new features sections by version.  I highly recommend downloading the latest version.  It works for CS6 and CC.  We post the most up-to-date English PDFs and localized PDFS with date stamps so you'll know you've got the latest.


                                                                                  It's possible that it seems like the "What's New" chapters are all the cotnent provided for new features.  In fact, they are just quick overviews of new features.  You'll typically find more detailed functionality incorporated into function-based chapters that follow.  Look at the end of any What's new section for a reference to where the meaty content will be.


                                                                                  Please let us know of any topics that don't have enough explanation.  The content leads for these products will address omissions!




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                                                                                    XCode247 Level 1

                                                                                    Hello Kirsti,


                                                                                    I'm not the right person to rationalize this to. I already know that PDF's are not the right technology to use for an offline help system. The tools surrounding the construction of PDF's require such user interaction on the construction of the document that building entire books of help information for any of the company's products is simply not a feasible operation in a timely fashion. Your company already has an excellent offline help system that delivers wonderful offline help in a wonderful format (which is why I am so mad, because when I purchased the software I consciously thought of how wonderful the offline help system was) and it is already installed on users' machines along with the software, and it is just waiting for help files to be filled in.


                                                                                    Yes I know that the help was late, and that when it was delivered it was not good, but even after it was no good the company kept peddling the PDF's. The PDF's will NEVER be good unless you want to build an entire PDF-based help system and the authoring tools necessary to construct it, when in the end it will be a complete and unnecessary reinvention of what you already have, and even then, they will say why not make it HTML based instead of PDF! That the company would choose to deliver a document format for offline help, instead of deliver an actual and existing offline help system, and the fact that these were late, not good, and of the wrong technologies, are all indications of the severe incompetence and complete idiocy of the command control at Adobe.


                                                                                    I am left highly regretting my purchase and extremely unlikely to ever purchase an Adobe product again because of this. That is just the natural outcome. I am not boycotting Adobe I am just trying to ensure there's a help file for any expensive software that I do buy.