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        GermanKiwi Level 1

        The problem that I, and a number of others on this page, have had with 11.3, has been no sound at all whatsoever. I'd like to know if this has been fixed with the new release. I'm hoping so!

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          manitu75 Level 1

          I've checked better and thought that sound plays ok, but not all video only in html5 works correctly, in flash still no bass. I have to return to 11.2

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            Maybe another incarnation: Sound Problems with Flash 11.3 in terminal sessions. The symptoms are not exactly as descibed by others above, but since this thread seems to collect general issues with sound playback in 11.3, here we go:

            Test machine ist Windows Server 2003 EE with XenApp 5. Browsers are Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1 and IE 8.
            Flash Player 11.3.300.262 Plugin und 11.3.300.257 Ax.
            Videos start playing in both browsers. After about 1:10 minutes the sound suddenly 'hangs'. The last 1/2 second is repeated endlessly. The video image just continues to play.

            The error definitely starts with Flash 11.3. With Fallback to 11.2 the issue is fixed, but for security considerations this can't be a solution.
            Videos can be played offline without problems, such as via the VLC. Even via HTML5 in Firefox everything works fine. So the Flash plug-in seems to be the cause or at least the trigger.

            Other settings we tested without success:
            - Switching off the hardware acceleration in Flash
            - Turn off the hardware acceleration in Firefox
            - mms.cfg: Protected Mode = 0


            (sorry for my english, it's just Google Translator  )

            Edit: By limiting the client audio bandwith in Citrix session settings the problem gets worse, e .g the sound 'hangs' from the beginning of the clip. In Citrix terminal sessions the audio format (not to mention a hardware sample rate) is not directly selectable. We enforce a "high quality" client profile by policy and that worked just fine - until 11.3.

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              Done my head in this has!

              Sometimes sound does actually comes through using youtube.I've reinstalled sound card even knowing it's working for sounds on the pc itself.

              Reinstalled latest flash still the same including a system restore late last night and now uninstalled flash and it works fine again - so it's back using an old version.


              I've pretty much tried all other things posted here and elsewhere so await a fix.


              Creative SB Audigy sound card and Vista 32bit on the pc.

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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                If you are willing to test a new version of Flash Player that we believe fixes these audio issues, please see this post for details: Flash Player 11.3 Status Update

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