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    Differences from iPad to Android

    Steven_Sokulski Level 1



      We have been publishing on the iPad since January 2011 and are finally making the push into the world of Android, planning to offer our magazine via the Amazin Appstore and Google Play.


      As we've followed the progress of DPS over the past couple years, I've seen some differences come to light where a certain design element or bit of interactivity wouldn't work one platform or the other.


      I'm curious, as it stands right now, what do the differences look like? Is there a document somewhere that outlines this information.


      So far, on the app side, I've been able to note that subscriptions are available in the Amazon Appstore but not in Google Play. Do any other notable differences exist between the two Android flavors and the iPad variant?


      Obviously content will be re-designed and I'm sure we'll come across some thing sthat don't work on our end, but I was curious what the crowd could offer up.




      Steven Sokulski