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    Export Slideshow for Facebook

    montesjesse Level 1

      I've had troubles exporting a slideshow so that I can post it on facebook.  I've been getting error messages, not sure what they mean.  Can someone just help me out and tell me what steps I should take to get a slideshow exported for use on Facebook?  Thanks.

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          janelle_f Adobe Employee

          Export a slide show as JPEGs


          You can export a slide show as a series of JPEG files that you can share with clients or other people. Each JPEG file includes the slide’s layout, background, and cell options. No transitions or playback options are exported.

          1. In the Slideshow module, press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and then click the Export JPEG button on the lower left.
          2. In the Export Slideshow To JPEGs dialog box, type a name for the slide show in the File Name (Windows) or Save As (Mac OS) box. The name is used for a folder that contains the JPEG images. The JPEG images use the filename you specify plus a sequence number and the .jpeg filename extension.
          3. Navigate to and select a location to save the folder that contains the JPEG images.
          4. Set the following options:
            Renders each JPEG at a specified quality setting. Lower-quality images yields a smaller file size. Drag the Quality slider or enter a numeric value from 0 to 100 (with 100 representing the highest quality, and 0 representing the lowest).Note: Photos are embedded with sRGB profiles.
            Width and Height
            Specifies the pixel dimensions for the exported JPEG files. Lightroom resizes the slides to fit within the dimensions without cropping or changing the slides’ aspect ratio. The pixel dimensions of your computer display are the default size.
            Common Sizes
            Specifies common dimensions for the files, such as 640 x 480, and enters those values in the Width and Height fields. Screen applies the dimensions of your display.
          5. Click Save (Windows) or Export (Mac OS).


          This was found on the adobe help page:



          hope that helps,


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            montesjesse Level 1

            I see that I can export as JPEG, but this is limited in that I can't export with transitions and a soundtrack.  However exporting as a video has these options.  I have tried exporting as video a number of times, and still can't post the final product to Facebook for some reason.  Any help on exporting as a video?

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              janelle_f Adobe Employee

              it might be facebook. ive done some research and some have had a similar problem in another thread :



              - janelle

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                montesjesse Level 1

                Has anyone else had success with posting video slideshows ot Facebook?  Or is this a feature of LR4 that has no use due to incompatibility with FB?