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    Looking for subtitle suggestions


      I would like to add lots of subtitles to my content inside PrE. If you think of the "stock ticker" on CNN that should give you a good idea of the desired output. Getting started was easy enough- drag one of the "lower 3rd" titler presets with a nice background onto an empty video track, change the text, add some effects and transitions.


      Now I wanted to duplicate this overlay for the next scene same appearance but different text. Copy & paste of the clip maintains the appearance but seems to just insert a new instance of the title and not a copy. In other words when I change the text in one of the clips it is changed in both.


      Then I tried the Duplicate command in the Project window. That makes a duplicate of the title but it won't preserve effects/duration/transitions of the clip.


      Any recommendations ?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You will want to use Duplicate for your Lower-Third Title, as many times, as is needed, and alter the Text on each, to suit.


          Unless you use Duplicate for the Title, what you have are Instances of the "master" Title, and if you change one Instance, it will be global for all other Instances. That can confuse users, if they do not expect it.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I have another idea for you, but whether it will work, will depend on the answers to these questions:


            What is your Project's Frame Size Width (do not need the height)?

            What will be the total Duration of the Crawl in mins:sec:frames?


            Good luck,



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              Cross_ Level 1

              Yeah that was going to be my follow-up question: would it be possible to just have one instance of the title (with background & effects) and then have the text crawl in front of that.


              The project is 720p24, so width = 1280. What's the width restriction? And how would I get started with adding scrolling text ?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                While one could create the Title completely in Titler, when one gets much beyond the width, or height of the Frame, editing becomes a bit of a task. Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements would be better programs, in my estimation.


                Here are the steps that I would use:


                1. Create the graphic for the Lower-Third. This can be done in Titler. Place that onto Video Track 2, above your Video.
                2. In Photoshop (I know that program, but it should be the same in Photoshop Elements), create a New Image, and choose your 720p Frame Size w/ Guides and a Transparent Background from the drop-down Menu.
                3. Go to Image>Canvas and widen the Canvas to the right. Note: unless it has changed, PrE can only handle Still Images up to 4096 x 4096. However, as you only have Type, you will end up using only a portion of the height, so you get to multiply the width, until you have a total pixel x pixel size of 16777216 pixels. For one line of Type, you will probably not need more height than about 50 pixels, so you could extend the Canvas to about 335544 pixels wide.
                4. Type your Text, in one line, positioning it about where your Lower-Third graphic will be. You can fine-tune that in a minute.
                5. When done, Crop (Crop Tool) to just above and below your Text.
                6. Save_As PSD.
                7. Import that PSD into PrE, and drag it to Video Track 3, above both your Lower-Third graphic and your Video.
                8. Select that PSD, and go to the Effects Tab, choosing Edit Effects.
                9. With the CTI (Current Time Indicator) at the first Frame of PSD, set a Motion>Position Keyframe (Toggle Motion>Position Animation ON), and scrub the X axis so that your first letter is off the screen on the right. You might want to type in some numbers initially, to save a lot of scrubbing, but to fine-tune, you will then probably want to scrub.
                10. Go to the last Frame of the Title and add another Keyframe in Motion>Position. Now, we will scrub so that the last letter of the Title is off the screen to the left.
                11. If needed, you can also tweak the height (Y axis), to align your Title with the Lower-Third graphic.


                If your Duration needs to be longer, then think about breaking those PSD Titles into logical segments, creating a new PSD for each one.


                I have not done a really long Crawl, but have done many very long Rolls where the height of the Title in PS is extremely tall. The only difference then is that I adjust the vertical, rather than the horizontal Motion>Position, and Keyframe on that.


                Good luck,




                [Edit] As you are creating animation from Still Images, you will see a red line above the Clips and Titles. After you do your Keyframes, you WILL want to Render that area of the Timeline, for smoothest Playback.


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                  Cross_ Level 1

                  Thank you very much Bill.

                  I will probably do that approach with a few modifications. Since it doesn't matter if the text crawls or rolls I'll switch to rolling which should make editing easier in Photoshop. All that's required then is applying a mask so that only one line of text is visible at any given time. Let's hope the masking tools in PrE support this.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I just did a test, as I had never done such a long Duration Crawl, and in PrE, I was able to Import a 13000 x 130 pixel PSD. Now, in the test Image, I used 24pt Type, and when I got it into PrE, I realized that 30 - 36pt Type was better, so I cheated and just used Motion>Scale>Height (with Constrain Proportions unchecked). I did not do the math, but think that one could easily get 14000+ pixels on the width, if they Crop the height to just above the Text.


                    As for the Roll, the one limitation that you will run into is that if the Text goes for much of your width (1280), then you will have less height to work with. Since you will want you Text inside the Title Safe Area, you can Crop the width some, to just before and just after each line of Text, but you'll probably end up with about 6000 pixels in height.


                    For my long Rolls, I am usually going Widescreen SD, so am still dealing with 720 pixels width, but 5000 - 6000 pixels gets me a lot of material on screen.


                    To Mask your other lines of Text, just place a Mask (can be made in PrE's Titler, or PS) on the top Video Track, and apply the Track Matte Key to the Text PSD, linking to that Mask.


                    Good luck,



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                      Cross_ Level 1

                      Something's not working out.


                      I created a 1280 x 7000 PSD and when importing it into PrE 10 it got downsampled to fit a 720px height. If I then change the Motion setting to 1000% scale it's back at its original size but all blurred as shown below. (In Photoshop the font is perfectly readable)http://i.imgur.com/iLoPl.png

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        You need to set the Fixed Effect>Motion>Positon, and not Scale (unless you need to tweak something). It is all about Positon, to animate.


                        Good luck,



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          As your request was about the 10th similar one, I did an ARTICLE on Rolling, or Crawling long Titles.


                          Maybe that will be helpful.


                          Good luck,



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                            Cross_ Level 1

                            Maybe the description was not clear. I have created a PSD similar to your steps 1-6. In step 7 when I import the PSD into PrE and drop it into the timeline that PSD gets scaled down to ca. 120x720 pixels. Apparently PrE tries to shrink down the imported image so that it fits inside the frame. How can that be prevented ?

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                              Cross_ Level 1

                              "Scale Image to Frame Size" in the context menu.. that's what I was missing.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Good catch.


                                I had not even thought about that, as I never use it. I Scale everything in PS, or if in PrE, it is to animate something.


                                Some users employ Scale to Default Frame Size, rather than doing that work in PS, or similar, and there are some drawbacks to doing so.


                                Thank you for pointing that out, and I am now off to add that to my article.


                                Good luck and happy editing,



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                                  Hello Bill;


                                     I have tried following your suggestions on rolling subtitles using a track matte key to limit what portion of the scrolling title is visible to a single line at a time, but I've run into a frustrating problem.   I'm doing this in Premiere Pro CS5, and I can get it to work just right in a "empty" portion of the timeline where I set up the title roll, the matte, the background video, and even an intermediary grayish box to give the white subtitles a background to make them more visible.  In this practice zone I have these 4 things all placed in video tracks 1 - 4.


                                  However, for the one-hour documentary this is needed for I have about 8 video tracks and when I place the exact same elements in video tracks 1 and then 6 - 8 it doesn't work at all and creates a number of very odd flashes.  This is in the same timeline where it works fine when placed in tracks 1 - 4.  I have been careful to verify that the track matte key is pointed at the appropriate track number.


                                    Do you know why this would be?


                                  Thanks,  Jim Greeson

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    I would post to the Premiere Pro CS 5 - 5.5 - 6 Forum, with the same details, and perhaps a screen-cap of your Timeline, showing what you have and where. There are significant differences between the Timelines in PrE and PrPro, and there are differences in how many things work between the two programs.


                                    Good luck, and I'll see you there.



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                                      jgreeson Level 1

                                      Hello Bill;


                                         Thanks (again) for your prompt response.  Since I emailed you I was able to solve it by moving some things around in the timeline and lowering the subtitle roll and matte elements down to video tracks 4,5, & 6.  Why

                                      that cleared it up I don't know.


                                      Thanks,  Jim Greeson

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Great news!


                                        If you do encounter any issues, the folk in the PrPro Forum can be very helpful, and quick.


                                        See you there, and good luck,