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    Why will this code only trace strings?

    witherton Level 1

      The following code randomizes the array "doors". It works fine if the array is strings. However,

      if I remove the quotation marks, it traces "[object Symbol1_1]" instead.


      var doors:Array = [red_button, blue_button,yellow_button];

      var randomDoors:Array = new Array(doors.length);


      var randomPos:Number = 0;

      for (var i:int = 0; i < randomDoors.length; i++)


          randomPos = int(Math.random() * doors.length);

          randomDoors[i] = doors.splice(randomPos, 1)[0]; 


      trace (randomDoors);


      Tracing (randomDoors.name) returns the  statement "undefined". How can I trace "doors" without converting the elements to strings?