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    Is there a fix to to the bugs in Indesign CS6 buttons?


      These steps below are all done on the same master page.  I create 10 pages that use this same master page.  Then I double click on the master page to select it.


      Bug 1 - Custom name for a button does not stay in the name field when I click on "rollover" starting with the "normal" state or starting from "rollover" state and click on the "normal" state.


      I create a triangle, selected it, and then click on the "buttons" panel.  I changed the name for the button, kept the "on release or tap" and added an action of "go to next page", or "go to last page" or "go to first page" or "go to previous page" (all have the same problem).  Then I click on the word "rollover" to select that state of the mouse and the name goes away.  Seems I have to retype the name.  I then change the color from black to white.  I then select the "normal" state and the name goes away and I have to retype it.  Keep doing that until eventually both know its name (i.e. last page, first page, previous page, and next page).


      Bug 2 -  "Go to last page" action does not go to the last page, but to the next page using the preview window - (using ctrl + alt + shift + enter keys) and then the execute icon.


      After I define a button to "go to last page" then I create a text frame and double click on it to get the cursor inside the frame (using the type tool).  I click on "special chararters", "markers", "display current page"